How To Make An Appeal

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How To Make An Appeal
How To Make An Appeal
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Various life situations often cause the need to write appeals to different authorities. Statements, complaints, suggestions to the management of organizations or officials in practice often prove their effectiveness, helping to realize the rights of citizens, their initiatives. Letters of appeal must be prepared thoughtfully and thoroughly.

How to make an appeal
How to make an appeal


Step 1

Written applications can be individual and collective (on behalf of two or more people). When filling out a written request, choose a form that is adequate to the essence of your request. If your goal is the realization of certain interests, human rights and freedoms protected by law, choose a statement.

Step 2

An appeal in the form of a complaint is made out if there is a need to restore your legal rights that have been violated by the actions (inaction) of legal entities and individuals.

Step 3

Use the application form in the form of a proposal if you want to give recommendations on improving the activities of an organization, enterprise, and improving the work of officials. The purpose of such appeals is to assist in solving urgent issues of economic, socio-cultural, political and other spheres of everyday public life.

Step 4

Study the Federal Law of 02.05.2006 N 59-FZ "On the Procedure for Considering Appeals of Citizens of the Russian Federation", which sets out all the details of regulating this process when working with state bodies and local authorities. Knowledge of the document will help you to act in the legal field competently and effectively, save you from correspondence-red tape.

Step 5

Before finalizing the appeal, check the correctness of addressing, the logic and sequence of presentation, the correctness of references to regulations, the accuracy of spelling of all surnames, the completeness of the availability of attachments, if any, provided by your letter.

Step 6

Remember, your appeal must be registered by this or that official. It is impossible to consider and transfer for execution unregistered written requests.

Step 7

If you have contacted the secretariat, at your request, a receipt for the acceptance of the appeal (with the date, indicating the number of accepted sheets and a link to the telephone number for inquiries) can be issued.

Step 8

Do not forget to monitor the consideration of your appeal. If the question asked in your letter (complaint, application, proposal) is beyond the competence of the organization where it is directed, the appeal must be sent to the destination within five days - with notification of this to you as the applicant.

Step 9

When filling out your appeal, pay attention to the style of the letter. It should be business-like: concise, precise and clear in its presentation. A neutral tone is the norm of a business style. Use stable turns - language formulas. They will provide unambiguous understanding of the text. Get rid of unnecessary repetitions and unnecessary details in your letter. Do not overuse archaisms. For example, you should not write “above-mentioned”, “above-named”: correctly - “named”, “indicated”.

Step 10

When composing an appeal, use constructions from semi-descriptive verbs and verbal nouns (not to help, but to provide assistance; not to support, but to provide support; not to remove, but to clean up; not to help, but to provide assistance, etc.).

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