How To Learn To Speak Quieter

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How To Learn To Speak Quieter
How To Learn To Speak Quieter
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The habit of speaking loudly may not be perceived in the best way by others. For some, this behavior is annoying, which interferes with friendly or business communication. To learn to speak more quietly, you need to develop a new habit, which is achieved by repeating the appropriate exercises.

How to learn to speak quieter
How to learn to speak quieter


Step 1

Find a role model. There are people with another problem: they do not know how to speak loudly when the situation requires it. But for training, such people can be taken as an example to observe a quiet speech. Choose an influential, authoritative person who is listened to, and not someone downtrodden and notorious. Try to record on video how such a person behaves in an environment of communication with others. It can be a birthday, some kind of event, ordinary conversations. Observe how the person controls the voice.

Step 2

Come up with a reason why you need to speak quietly in a specific place. It is almost impossible to drastically change habits, immediately rebuild. So choose one place to practice speaking softly. Naturally, there must be people who communicate with you, and you must appear there every day. It can also be a residential building: in all rooms, speak as usual, and in the kitchen, begin to communicate in a low voice. For this you need a good reason: you can imagine yourself as a scout, which should not be heard by possible enemies. The main thing is that the reason is inspiring, you can come up with a game.

Step 3

During the week, practice speaking quietly in the location you chose in step two. Keep your training secret. Wait for the moment when others notice that you have become something different.

Step 4

Expand your turf for the second week of training. Add one more place that is located away from the first: if you trained in the kitchen, add not a room behind the wall, but a cafe where you go to lunch with your colleagues every day. In this way, you expand the influence of the new habit not only to another place, but also to other people.

Step 5

In the third week, consider the entire world around you as a sphere of influence. Maybe quiet conversations are still unusual, uncomfortable. From time to time you will want to break loose, quit training, but do not do this. In real life, when this game is over, you will not have to speak quietly all the time. But now it is important at the physical level to accustom oneself to new sensations: it is necessary to train the vocal cords, to get used to the reaction of others.

Step 6

In the fourth week, adjust to the volume of the interlocutors. Now you can speak both loudly and quietly. It's important to learn how to balance. Observe the people you talk to face-to-face or on the phone. People love it when others speak at the same volume and rate of speech as they do. Use this feature and get good communication skills.

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