Who Are The "red-haired Beasts"

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Who Are The "red-haired Beasts"
Who Are The "red-haired Beasts"

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The fiery shade of hair has always been in fashion and will never go out of it. Women often choose a red color for themselves. Delighted looks are guaranteed, and to hear after: "red-haired beast" - so flattering!

Red beast
Red beast

Red pigment

Scientists say that the pigment that gives the red color to the hair does not coincide at all with the usual gene and has a different structure under the microscope. The gene mutated 45 thousand years ago with the partial crossing of Neanderthal tribes, who were red, with dark-haired Cro-Magnons.

The mutant gene is associated with the impulsivity and excessive sexuality of a red-haired woman. She is always in the focus of men's attention. The palm among the cohort of blondes and brunettes belongs to the red-haired beasts. For many men, fiery hair is a symbol of passion and energy. She is credited with a healthy sexual appetite by the opposite sex.

This is confirmed by the professor of sexology at the University of Hamburg - Werner Habermel. In the field of view of his research were hundreds of owners of red hair. The result was the conclusion that redheads have the most active and intense sex life.

Also, according to the study, a woman who dyes her hair a bright red color subconsciously wants to embellish her sex life for the better - both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Red beast

A woman with red hair is always in the spotlight. Fiery hair color gives personality, charm and charm to the appearance. It has been noticed that even when changing her natural hair color to red, a woman becomes much more active and more proactive. She becomes a leader. Due to this, the red-haired beauty receives a certain power over people, can easily influence the opinion of others and turn it in her favor.

It is not for nothing that in the Middle Ages, red-haired women were credited with supernatural abilities. They were called witches and it was for this that they most often fell on the fire.

According to statistics, the career of red-haired women develops quickly and easily. They are proactive, independent and energetic. It is these qualities that allow the red furies to assert themselves in the professional field.

In family life, the red-haired beauty will also take everything into her own hands. Such a woman will constantly be in the process of some action and some kind of mess. Her efforts are capable of "moving" her husband up the career ladder. In important matters and business, the last word will always be with her.

Quarrels and scandals for no reason and on occasion are an indispensable attribute of family life, as well as stormy reconciliation.

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