How To Grind Grain

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How To Grind Grain
How To Grind Grain

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People have been grinding bread since prehistoric times. Today old mills are abandoned or turned into museums, and grain is processed in modern elevators. But if you wanted to make aromatic bread at home or brew coffee, then you can grind the grain at home.

How to grind grain
How to grind grain


Step 1

Get a flour grinder. This is a machine that grinds grain at home. It is powered by an electric drive. Inside the flour mill there are two stone millstones that grind the grain into flour. Do not grind seeds, nuts and other grains containing a lot of oil in a flour mill.

Step 2

Grind the grain in a home mill. There are hand and electric mills. In electric grains, it grinds faster, but if you need a small amount of flour - up to 1-2 kg, then a manual mill will suffice.

Step 3

Grind the beans in a fine grinder. This method is good for sprouted grains or for obtaining bran, because as a result of grinding in a meat grinder, flour and grain shell are mixed into a homogeneous mass.

Step 4

Use a wooden mallet and a thick plastic bag. Pour the grains into a bag, tie it tightly, make sure that there is no excess air in the bag. Tap the bag hard with a hammer for a few minutes. This method can be used if you need to grind grain in field conditions, where there are no food processors and coffee grinders at all.

Step 5

Grind the grain with a blender. But the blender cannot be used for a long time in working mode, so you will not get a lot of flour in this way.

Step 6

Get a coffee grinder. If a coffee grinder grinds the grain with knives, then besides coffee, it is better not to grind anything in it, otherwise it will quickly fail. And in a coffee grinder with millstones, you can process different cereals: buckwheat, wheat, rice and others.

Step 7

Take advantage of the grain elevator mills. Nobody will agree to grind 2-3 kg of grain in an industrial mill. But if you need to grind a large amount of grain products, this is the most optimal way.

Step 8

Use a mortar and pestle. This is perhaps the oldest way to grind grain at home. This is a laborious method that takes time and patience. It works well with coffee beans or spices.

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