What Does The Word "kompadre" Mean?

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What Does The Word "kompadre" Mean?
What Does The Word "kompadre" Mean?

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The word kompadre in Russian appeared in the same way as the words business, marketing, ipad. This is the so-called borrowing, when there is a process of exchange of words between representatives of different ethnic groups. For example, "business" in English means "business." The Russians adopted this term about 30 years ago, and now it has become generally used, and its meaning is understandable to a Russian person and does not require translation from English.

What does the word "kompadre" mean?
What does the word "kompadre" mean?

The same is with the word "kompadre", which supposedly appeared in our language during the Soviet era. Its meanings are "friend", "friend", which echoed the address "comrade", then adopted in the communist USSR. In those days, Spanish newspapers were sometimes sold at press kiosks. Children from the USSR corresponded with children from other countries, including Spain, so that “friendship of peoples” (a concept that was one of the key concepts in communist propaganda) existed not in words, but in deeds. The students corresponded in order to learn the language of the addressee and learn more about life in other countries. And at school political information they talked about the exploits of the Spaniards, members of the Communist Party. At that time the word "kompadre" sounded from the lips of the inhabitants of the USSR.

Borrowing - what is their strength?

The development of the Russian (like any other) language would be impossible without the borrowing of foreign words. After all, language is a means of communication, so it reacts flexibly and relatively quickly to the needs of society. As a result of communication between different peoples, the language is mutually enriched with words. Moreover, these words often have a meaning that has no analogues in another language. Take the same word "business": for Americans, it means a personal project, commercial activity, etc. And in the pre-perestroika times in the USSR there was no opportunity to engage in commerce (this was a criminal offense). Therefore, when it appeared, entrepreneurs began to be called businessmen, borrowing from the English words business and businessman. The same thing happened with the word compadre - it combined concepts such as "friend, colleague, like-minded."

If you are learning Spanish

Be aware that another translation of the word komadre is "godfather", that is, the godfather of the child (while the godmother for the godfather and the godson's parents is godfather). The obsolete meaning of the word kompadre is a benefactor or patron. But in general, according to reviews of tourists, the Spaniards use this word in relation to any person they like. Of course, this is most often the way men communicate with each other.

But if you were not named compadre, but compadrito or compadrón, you need to think about your behavior. After all, this is how the Spaniards call braggers, people who boast about their achievements in life, material status, things, etc. Perhaps, representatives of all peoples of the world have a negative attitude towards this type of people. So moderate your fervor and be more humble. Then you can again earn the respect of the Spaniard, who will call you "compadre".

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