How To Use Double-sided Tape

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How To Use Double-sided Tape
How To Use Double-sided Tape

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Very often in everyday life situations arise when it is necessary to glue two objects. In this case, double-sided tape is used. It is a tape that has a sticky surface on both sides. This allows the two elements to be securely held together.

Double sided tape
Double sided tape

The main types of double-sided tape

Before using the double-sided tape directly, you need to choose the right one.

Today there are three types of adhesive tape: foamy, film and special tapes, which are indispensable in difficult situations.

The first type of double-sided tape is widely used in the construction industry. It is great for bonding uneven surfaces, objects with complex shapes. In the presence of irregularities, roughness, the area of ​​the glued surface decreases and adhesion worsens, therefore, such adhesive tapes always have a more adhesive base, which helps them to securely fasten all kinds of elements.

In the event that simple work is planned for gluing flat surfaces, then double-sided film tape is suitable.

Special adhesive tapes are indispensable for difficult jobs, for example at high temperatures. They are often used to glue bulky items that cannot be attached with simple glue.

Double-sided tape application technology

How to use double-sided tape correctly? To bond the surfaces together, the first step is to select the desired adhesive tape. In the event that it is necessary to fasten materials of different quality, then the film is removed from the surface of the tape, and it is applied with the sticky side to the surface that is more porous. It can be wood, polystyrene. After applying the adhesive tape to the first surface, put another on top of it, hold it for some time, pressing it.

If it is necessary to glue simple objects, for example, paper, then the tape can be applied immediately and only then remove the surface film and glue another object. It is important to remember that the area for adhesion of materials should be as large as possible.

Double-sided tape can be of different widths, so you need to choose the right one depending on the work being done.

Very often, after applying adhesive tape and fastening objects, there are irregularities, due to which you have to remove the adhesive tape and carry out the procedure again. At the same time, the adhesive tape leaves traces on the material that are difficult to remove with improvised means. For these purposes, special cleaning solutions are suitable, such as "Antisilicon", alcohol.

The technology for applying double-sided tape is simple, you just need to choose the right adhesive tape.

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