How To Correct Reporting

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How To Correct Reporting
How To Correct Reporting

Video: How To Correct Reporting

Video: How To Correct Reporting
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Often, when conducting accounting, it becomes necessary to correct errors found in the reporting. To make corrections to documents, you must comply with the rules established by law.

How to correct reporting
How to correct reporting


Step 1

Determine when the mistake was made that led to the distortion of the reporting: before or after the approval of the reporting documents. Make corrections to the primary documents on the erroneous operation. To do this, cross out the wrong number with one line, write "Fixed" at the top.

Step 2

Confirm the corrections with the signatures of the officials indicated in the document and the seal (if necessary). If a mistake is made in documents related to banking or cash transactions, re-issue them.

Step 3

Issue an accounting statement if you identify the facts of incorrect reflection of business transactions on the accounting accounts. It is necessary to describe the incorrectly reflected business transaction, the storage location of the primary accounting document, on the basis of which the correction is made, the content of the incorrect entry, the reasons and the method for correcting it. Sign the certificate by the staff responsible for this business transaction and the chief accountant.

Step 4

Compose the correction leads as follows. Reverse the erroneous entry using the "red reversal" method and make the correct one. If the business transaction was not reflected in accounting, make an additional posting. Correctional entries are issued in December of the year for which the unapproved reports were drawn up. Adjust the tax base and / or add additional taxes. Re-compile the balance sheet and other forms of accounting.

Step 5

If errors are identified after the approval of reporting documents, make corrections to the accounting registers in the reporting period when they were identified.

Step 6

If the detected error of past years affects the financial result of the organization, complete the postings in the current year by making an entry on the debit or credit of account 99 "Profit and Loss" in correspondence with the corresponding accounts. Include additionally calculated taxes in the data for the current year. Pay the budget the backlog of tax payments.

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