How To Correct The Shape Of The Skull

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How To Correct The Shape Of The Skull
How To Correct The Shape Of The Skull

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In adulthood, the shape of the skull can be corrected by contacting cranio-maxillofacial surgeons, but for this there must be functional indications - micro- or macrocephaly, congenital deformities of the skull. Such deformities can be corrected at a lower cost and painlessly when a person is at an early age. See your doctor when your baby is four months old.

How to correct the shape of the skull
How to correct the shape of the skull


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If your baby's head after birth has an irregular shape, then do not panic - the deformation is most likely caused by passing through the birth canal. At this point, the soft bones of the baby's skull may be compressed by the muscles of the vagina, and their edges may even go over each other. This can be corrected by not letting his head lie for a long time in one position and turning it to one side during sleep. Use a special orthopedic pillow for newborns to correct the curvature of the skull that has arisen in the back of the head and neck.

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Eliminate the possibility of rickets in the baby, in which the shape of the skull can also be deformed. Consult your doctor if you are breastfeeding to help restore imbalanced calcium balance in your body. For a bottle-fed baby, the pediatrician will select the appropriate formula.

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Up to a year old, you can try to correct the shape of the child's skull with the help of massage (osteopathy), in especially severe cases you can be sent for surgery at the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital, but this also needs to be done before the child turns one year old. There are at least 10 groups according to which the variants of the violation of the development of the shape of the skull are divided. For the diagnosis and treatment of each of them, an individual approach is required, which can only be provided by a specialist.

Step 4

The sooner you contact a specialist, the better. In most cases, the operation is performed at 4-6 months. With Caruso's syndrome, the duration of the operation is selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the child's development. Such an early period is due to the intensive growth of the brain during this period and the fact that the best cosmetic results are achieved - the stitches from the operation will be almost invisible.

Step 5

Before the operation, you will need to conduct and present a computed tomography with a reconstruction of the skull, an opinion of an ophthalmologist, sometimes an EEG or MRI. In some cases, if there is a suspicion of a certain genetic syndrome, a genetic report will be required.

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