Lefortovo Tunnel: Truth And Myths

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Lefortovo Tunnel: Truth And Myths
Lefortovo Tunnel: Truth And Myths

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Drivers and traffic police officers call the Lefortovo tunnel in Moscow the “tunnel of death”. There are many rumors and legends about this mysterious place, containing mystical facts.

Lefortovo tunnel: truth and myths
Lefortovo tunnel: truth and myths

The Lefortovo Tunnel is an automobile tunnel in Moscow, which is part of the Third Ring Road. Its length is about 3.2 km. The tunnel runs under the Lefortovo Park and the Yauza River. This place has received a bad name due to the large number of car accidents that occur here several times a day.

Tunnel history

The idea of ​​building the Lefortovo tunnel arose back in 1935. At that time, it was customary to postpone all grandiose projects for the future, but sooner or later all ideas were implemented. Only on the way to the construction of the Lefortovo tunnel, one after another, there were obstacles. So, the construction of the tunnel began only 25 years later.

By 1960, work was completed on the construction of the Rusakovskaya and Savelovskaya overpasses, as well as on the construction of the Avtozavodsky bridge. The rapid pace of construction was out of the question. Due to all sorts of disagreements about the passage of the highway under the Lefortovo Park, construction was suspended for another 13 years. The work was resumed in 1997, and at the end of 2003 the tunnel began its work.

Car crashes

By a strange coincidence, every day since 2003, car accidents have occurred in the Lefortovo tunnel, claiming human lives. The tunnel ranks 5th in length in Europe, it is equipped with the most modern security systems, is well lit, but all this does not save moving cars from collisions.

CCTV cameras are installed in the tunnel, thanks to which it became known that accidents occur for no reason. The car simply starts tossing from side to side, as if some unknown force begins to control it. The loudest and most shocking accidents that occurred in the Lefortovo tunnel are:

  1. The Dancing Bus, which initially moved normally. The driver did not make any maneuvers, did not exceed the speed. Suddenly, the bus began to throw in different directions with incredible force. The driver managed to cope with the control only at the moment when he drove out of the dungeon.
  2. Another shocking accident involved an ambulance. The car began to bounce on the smooth road so that the patient fell out of it at full speed.
  3. Several years ago, another unexplained accident occurred in the tunnel. Then a gazelle flew out of the concrete wall to meet the heavy truck moving through the tunnel.

CCTV cameras and eyewitnesses confirm that real mysticism is happening in the Lefortovo tunnel. There were recorded "ghost gazelles", "winged cars" and even trucks flying through the air.

Haunted tunnel

All motorists agree that it is better to bypass the Lefortovo tunnel. Let the other path be slightly longer, but safer. At the same time, ghosts are believed to be the culprits of road accidents occurring in the tunnel. There are facts confirming the presence of strange human figures, ghost cars, and incomprehensible creatures in the Lefortovo tunnel. Drivers try to avoid collisions with these objects, mistaking them for real ones, and end up in an accident.

One of the drivers named Pavel, who often drives through the Lefortovo tunnel, told the story that he once witnessed an accident in the underground. Pavel got out of his car to help the victims. When he opened the door of the wrecked car, he saw the driver, who died in front of him a few minutes later. This incident so engraved in the mind of the man that he could not forget the incident for a long time.

After a while, Pavel was driving his usual road again, part of which ran through the ill-fated tunnel. Having entered the dungeon, he suddenly saw the same car that the deceased driver was driving. Pavel even managed to make out the blood on his face. The man fell into a stupor, pressed the gas pedal and miraculously managed to leave the tunnel unharmed.

Other motorists admit that, moving along the Lefortovo tunnel, they begin to experience a feeling of inexplicable discomfort, manifested by various symptoms:

  • a sudden feeling of anxiety;
  • inexplicable fear for your life;
  • dizziness and headache;
  • nausea.

Everyone, experiencing the above symptoms, tries to leave the abnormal zone as soon as possible. Perhaps, drivers begin to feel fear only because there is a cemetery near this place, which brings thoughts of death.

Another inexplicable fact that occurs in the tunnel concerns the technical side. Drivers and their passengers, driving through the underground, can receive SMS messages and incoming calls from unknown numbers. It is later revealed that such telephone numbers do not exist at all.

Scientific explanation

Scientists, skeptics and traffic police officers explain what is happening in their own way. They believe that the human psyche is to blame. People, fearing the dark and confined space, trying to get out of the tunnel as soon as possible, exceed the speed. As a result, accidents occur. There are other skeptical versions:

  1. When entering the tunnel, the audio systems built into the cars are interfered with. Drivers are distracted to fix the problem, when, in turn, the movement through the tunnel requires the utmost attention from the person. Awkward movements of the driver cause the car to turn against the stream, resulting in an accident.
  2. Prose officers of the traffic police claim that the drivers themselves are to blame for the accidents, since they exceed the speed limit. The permissible speed of movement through the tunnel should not exceed 60 km / h.
  3. Drivers make dangerous maneuvers. The tunnel is only 14 meters wide. In this case, the wrong actions of the driver provoke accidents, the cars hit the walls of the tunnel, knocking down everything in their path.

But these statements are still not enough to refute myths and legends filled with mysticism.

The opinion of psychics

Psychics unanimously claim that the Lefortovo tunnel is located in an anomalous zone. It is there that portals to the other world are open, from where certain entities appear, causing car accidents. Simply put, the inhabitants of the other world let know that people in this place are interfering with them.

There is an opinion that the Lefortovo tunnel is located on a break in the soil under the Yauza River. Experts believe that such plots of land are capable of provoking a certain natural collapse. Getting into such a place, a person begins to perceive ordinary things from a different perspective. For example, a person may feel that the tunnel is narrowing or the ceiling is falling. Naturally, in such a state, drivers simply cannot cope with driving a car.

Psychics put forward another version, according to which people, catching flickering lighting with peripheral vision, fall into a kind of circulation. Further, a person's sensitivity plays a role. Potentially vulnerable individuals for a few seconds in the process of flickering lights can move to another reality. At the same time, they can see broken cars, phantoms of people and other energetic creatures. Visions affect the psyche of the driver, which is why he begins to violate traffic rules and can get into an accident.

Whichever version is put forward, experienced drivers prefer to bypass this place. And the secret of the Lefortovo tunnel is still closed to people.

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