What Myths Mention Cyclamen

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What Myths Mention Cyclamen
What Myths Mention Cyclamen

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Cyclamen is a beautiful and delicate flower. In Russia, he gained fame as a houseplant. In floral symbolism, cyclamen is associated with pride and self-respect. And although it is not as closely associated with mythology as a rose, tulip or daffodil, this humble flower also has its own story.

What myths mention cyclamen
What myths mention cyclamen

The legend of the cyclamen

One of the ancient legends tells that the wise king Solomon, having built a temple, decided to invent a crown for himself. Many skilled craftsmen gathered at the court, each of them offered the king his own version of the crown. However, they were all too pretentious and did not attract the attention of Solomon.

The disappointed king decided to take a walk in the fields surrounding the palace. He saw that the whole earth was covered with a beautiful flower carpet. It turns out that the flowers heard that Solomon needed a new crown. Each of them tried to catch his eye and offer himself as a crown. But Solomon was modest and did not want his head to be crowned with narcissistic and arrogant flowers. On his way to the newly built temple, the king saw a timid pink cyclamen hiding in the mountains. Then he realized that he needed a crown in the shape of this flower. The wisest Solomon decided that such a crown could become a reminder that it is necessary to rule fairly, while maintaining modesty. After the death of the king, the cyclamen became sad and bowed his lovely head even lower.

The magical properties of cyclamen

Cyclamen is also credited with magical properties. It is believed that he has the ability to drive away bad dreams, dispel unreasonable fear, protects a person from disappointment, envy and unkind spells.

To protect against evil forces, it is better to put the cyclamen in the bedroom, on the right side of the head of the bed. In this case, the flower has the most useful effect while a person is sleeping. If the owner of the flower is immersed in a state of chronic depression, then under the influence of cyclamen, the disease can recede after 7 nights.

Cyclamen is credited with the ability to create an energy field around him, within which a person is protected from any negative influences. If he nevertheless fell under the influence of unkind forces outside the field, the cyclamen will help him cleanse himself of their negative influence. True, he protects only the family of his owners, his magical power does not apply to guests.

If there is a disappointment in love, you need to carry a cyclamen flower with you, it will help heal heart wounds. White and light pink flowers strengthen the spirit of a person during times of turmoil. The most powerful magical properties are attributed to them. Scarlet and purple flowers bring happiness in love.

It is especially recommended to have a cyclamen in a house where people who are overly emotional and prone to frequent mood swings live. A beautiful flower will give them creativity and inspiration.

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