How To Find Text By Passage

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How To Find Text By Passage
How To Find Text By Passage
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When you need to find a text for a passage that consists of several sentences, or even words, then only the Internet can come to the rescue. All texts of literary works, technical documents, scientific papers that have been posted on the World Wide Web are indexed. Therefore, the unique word order in the passage is the code by which it will be possible to find the entire text in which it occurs.

How to find text by passage
How to find text by passage


Step 1

You can use the capabilities of any search engine: Google,, Yandex, Rumbler, etc. Enter a part of the passage in the search bar, and a list of sites on the pages of which contains texts containing the same words that occur in it will appear on the monitor screen. At the top of the list will be links in which these words appear in the same order as in the above passage. Review them, make sure that the passage is not used in the text as a quotation, and you will recognize the name of the original source and its author, which will be indicated in the title.

Step 2

A special service Google "Books" will allow you to significantly reduce the search boundaries. To do this, enter an excerpt or part of it in the "Advanced book search" field and click the "Search" button. For convenience, enter the passage without punctuation marks. The system will provide you with a list of books, the text of which contains this passage. They should be scanned to find the original source with the name of the author and the title of the work.

Step 3

You can find text by excerpt using well-known anti-plagiarism services, such as Advego Plagiatus. This is a free system that can be installed by visiting the website. It allows you to search the Internet for partial or complete copies of a text document. The intuitive interface of the system allows you to identify the desired text with a high degree of accuracy, even if the passage is not entirely accurate and the words are swapped. The system will show not only the percentage of uniqueness of a given passage, but also give a link to the document, a part of the content of which is most relevant to it. Follow this link and you will be able to see the full text you were looking for.

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