How To Translate Japanese Text

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How To Translate Japanese Text
How To Translate Japanese Text
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Translating from Japanese is difficult, but interesting. Learning a language takes several years. When there is a need to make a quick translation from Japanese, you need to remember that it is not as easy as, for example, translation from European languages ​​into Russian. But if you adhere to some simple rules, then you can translate a text of average complexity without having deep knowledge of the language and any special literature.

How to translate Japanese text
How to translate Japanese text

It is necessary

  • - gojuon (Japanese alphabet);
  • - kanji (Japanese characters);
  • - Russian-Japanese dictionary (Japanese-Russian dictionary);
  • - notebook.


Step 1

The first thing you should do is purchase an alphabet, a list of hieroglyphs and a Russian-Japanese dictionary (Japanese-Russian dictionary) from a book or specialty store. Usually all of the above can be found in one publication. The alphabet for translating the text is not so important, but the list of hieroglyphs, as an appendix to the dictionary, will definitely come in handy.

Step 2

Translate each hieroglyph that contains a key - a kind of original hieroglyph. Vertical and horizontal dashes are added to it in turn to change the meaning of the hieroglyph. You should find such a hieroglyph key in the table.

Step 3

See what number the hieroglyph is under. This number usually denotes the number of the more detailed table of hieroglyphs that contain your key. For example, the number 39 is written next to the Japanese character 字.

Step 4

On page 39, look for all the meanings of the character 字. It translates into Russian as "child", and also designates part of a village, city or other settlement.

Step 5

Write down from the dictionary all meanings and word forms in a notebook, as well as its literal meaning (if any). In the future, you will choose from these meanings those words that fit the meaning of the translated text.

Step 6

Do all of the above with each character in the text. Do not forget that the same hieroglyph can mean a word, a letter, or even a number.

Step 7

As a result, you got a set of words - the meanings of Japanese characters, from which you need to compose a readable text. In the last step of translating the text, you should use a little imagination and a sense of text style. For example, if the text is about a child, then the hieroglyph 字 most likely cannot denote part of a city or village.

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