Which Ear Can Be Pierced For A Man

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Which Ear Can Be Pierced For A Man
Which Ear Can Be Pierced For A Man

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The most popular type of piercing is ear piercing. It turns out that pirates have long been able to determine the character and behavior of a person by the way his ear is pierced. When they took a new person to the ship, they focused on this special attention.

Which ear can be pierced for a man
Which ear can be pierced for a man

A bit of history

It turns out that earrings were originally invented for men. As early as 7000 years ago, they were made in ancient Asia. In Assyria and Egypt, wearing such jewelry meant high status. In Rome, such a person was a slave. Well, the Cossacks still wear earrings, which only means that the man is the breadwinner and successor of the family. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that women's jewelry has the properties of "amulet", first for little boys, then for adolescents. Earrings protected children from evil spirits.

Are men's jewelry appropriate?

With regard to jewelry, there is now no separation between a man and a woman, not only earrings, but also chains, bracelets and rings are produced for both women and men in almost equal volumes. A lot can be said about a person by the number of punctures. Piercing in men and the location of the holes in the ear have a different meaning than the designations used to describe the character of women.

If recently preference was given to classic punctures (that is, one hole in one ear, or a puncture in only one ear), now young people make several holes in one ear, moreover, not only in the lobes, but also in the cartilage of the outer rim of the ears.

Once upon a time there were even opinions that wearing earrings in men was nothing more than a sign of homosexuality. However, men's jewelry and earrings are normal, but not everyone, of course, shares this point of view. Men also love to decorate themselves, which is still unusual. You should not immediately draw the wrong conclusion and hang a label on a man. Many people pierce their ears for the sake of fashion and do not put another meaning in it. Having an earring does not deprive a man of masculinity.

Ear piercings and character

It is said that men with earrings in their ears have such character traits as:

- romance;

- impressionability;

- intelligence;

- daydreaming.

It is also believed that such men have a lot of interesting hobbies and, perhaps, are spoiled and narcissistic. Psychologists believe that the place where the earrings are worn can fairly accurately tell about the character and inclinations of young men, young people and men. So, for example, if the left ear is pierced, the man has creative abilities. And when a young man wants to have an earring exactly in the center of the lobe, it means that he is kind and sociable. A man with several holes in his ear is quite decisive and freedom-loving, loves to argue and is not used to reckoning with other people's opinions.

Sometimes men pierce their ears on their own, which indicates a firm character and the ability to concentrate attention to achieve their goals.

No matter how many punctures there are in the ears, and no matter how many are planned, it is still not worth doing them yourself. It is better to consult a specialist, as in this type of piercing health and safety remain the main ones.

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