How The Pumping Station Works

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How The Pumping Station Works
How The Pumping Station Works

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You can solve the problem of water supply for a summer cottage in different ways. Someone is limited to digging a well. Others connect to centralized water supply systems. But this opportunity does not exist everywhere. One of the most effective ways to provide the economy with water is to install an automated pumping station at the dacha.

How does a pumping station work
How does a pumping station work

Pumping station: installation requirements

If a country house or summer cottage is intended for permanent residence, a pumping station becomes one of the best solutions. Such an automated system for pumping and supplying water in most cases allows you to completely eliminate the problem of water supply. Most industrial pumping stations are compact and easy to maintain.

To install the station in the basement of the building, you will need to drill a well, the length of which is determined by the depth of the aquifer and can reach one to two tens of meters. After that, a polyvinyl chloride pipe is placed in the well, the diameter of which is selected taking into account the type of pumping station.

The lower end of the pipe is equipped with a coarse water filter. A fitting for connecting a pump is mounted in the upper part.

If, for convenience, you need to provide water to several points that are distant from each other, you will also need to perform wiring from metal-plastic pipes. There are certain restrictions on the operating conditions of the pumping station. In the room where it is installed, the temperature should not fall below zero. And, of course, you can't do without a regular electrical outlet.

The principle of operation of the pumping station

The water injection station includes a pump, a pressure switch, a pressure gauge and a hydraulic accumulator (storage tank). The scheme of the pumping station is quite simple. When the water tap is opened, water begins to flow out of the storage tank under the influence of pressure. At a certain moment, the pressure drops to the lowest possible mark. The relay is activated, which turns on the pumping station. The pump takes water from the well.

If the tap is open for a long time, the station will constantly pump water. If you now turn off the valve, water rushes into the storage tank. This increases the pressure in the container. When the liquid level reaches the set threshold, the relay automatically cuts off the power supply.

The pumping station goes into standby mode, at any time ready to turn on again when the water tap is opened.

Such a technical system is convenient in that it almost does not require human participation for its work. It is only important to periodically carry out preventive maintenance of the device, guided by the manufacturer's recommendations. The most crucial moment is the installation and connection of the unit. If at this stage all the requirements of the instructions are met, the pumping station will regularly serve for more than one year.

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