How To Connect A Pumping Station To A Well

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How To Connect A Pumping Station To A Well
How To Connect A Pumping Station To A Well

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When arranging a country house or summer cottage, the owners first of all strive to establish a water supply system. Modern technical devices make it possible to abandon the traditional well or water supply system, which do not always provide sufficient efficiency. One way to create a water supply system for your home is to install a pumping station.

How to connect a pumping station to a well
How to connect a pumping station to a well

Selecting a pumping station

When choosing a pumping station for suburban home ownership, it is necessary to clearly understand what tasks it will have to solve. Appliances intended for domestic use are usually quite suitable to provide a family with drinking water and to satisfy the most common household needs.

If you need to get water for watering your personal plot and use it for the heating system, it makes sense to opt for pumping stations of higher power.

The intended source of water supply is also essential. As a rule, a well, a centralized water supply system or a well is used for this purpose. The connection of the station to the well is used quite often in practice. This type of water supply requires compliance with the rules for installing the system and setting it up. To connect the station to a well, you will need a standard device capable of extracting water from a depth of at least 20 m. If the water is deeper, an additional submersible pump may be needed.

Attention should also be paid to the type of control of the station, since it can operate in both automatic and traditional manual modes. The first type requires minimal user control, but requires more careful pre-configuration. The second type allows you to significantly save money and makes it possible, if necessary, to intervene in the operation of the station in order to change the conditions of its operation.

Connecting the pumping station to the well

Installation of a pumping station begins with choosing a place for its installation. Experts recommend installing the unit in a residential or business building, for example, in a heated basement or storage room. If a special caisson is arranged for this purpose, it is important to take into account that the pumping station should be located below the level of natural soil freezing. It is best to place the unit on a stand and not on the floor.

Most often, one has to deal with stations of a two-pipe type, equipped with an ejector - a cast unit with outlets for connection. The first stage is the assembly of the ejector. Previously, a mesh filter is necessarily placed on its lower part. Then a squeegee, assembled from two parts connected to each other, is attached to the plastic bell of the ejector. The outlet end of the squeegee must end with a sleeve, which will become an adapter to the polyethylene pipe.

To determine the depth of lowering the pipes, a hose or ordinary pipe is lowered into a pre-prepared well, which serves as a measure. Subtract 100 mm from the measured value. This is done so that the filter of the device does not touch the bottom of the well and does not collect small particles of soil.

With the help of couplings, polyethylene pipes are connected to the ejector, taking into account the measured working depth. When the pipes are connected, the ejector is lowered into the well to the mark made on the pipes. If pipes are required to be laid from the well to the house, this should be done with a margin, taking into account possible bends and turns.

The joints of the pipe sections are carefully sealed with a sealing tape.

The final stage of installation is connecting the pipes to the pump located at the station. This should be done in strict accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. It is recommended that the threaded connections not only be sealed, but also tightened with an adjustable wrench.When the installation is completed, it remains to configure the pumping station to work in one of the selected modes and check the entire system in action.

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