How To Identify A Suicide Bomber

How To Identify A Suicide Bomber
How To Identify A Suicide Bomber

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One of the main tasks of terrorists is to dissolve in the crowd, to become invisible. That is why it is very difficult to identify a suicide bomber. Even trained employees cannot always tell the difference between an ordinary citizen and a criminal. But still, a person who decides to blow himself up has a number of features by which he can be identified.

How to identify a suicide bomber
How to identify a suicide bomber

Usually suicide bombers do not blow themselves up in the cities in which they live. Therefore, the main feature of these people is poor orientation in the city. It can also be noted that people who decide to kill themselves often speak poorly in the language of the country in which they are located. Those. newcomers are always under suspicion of the authorities.

Killing yourself and many innocent people is a rather difficult task. Therefore, very often suicide bombers use narcotic drugs in order to decide on such a desperate step. If you meet a person whose gaze is blurred, do not be afraid to contact the police, because you can save hundreds of lives with your statement.

You can also identify a terrorist by clothing. They very often organize an explosion using the so-called suicide belt, which is located on the body of the suicide. Therefore, suicide bombers wear loose clothing (often dark colors) that can hide an explosive device. They hold their hands at the belly so that the explosives can be easily detonated at the right time. Also, wires can be seen from under the clothes - this is one of the surest signs of suicide bombers.

Very often their heads are covered with headdresses. Moreover, not necessarily with closed scarves or turbans, the terrorist can cover his hair with a baseball cap and a light scarf. Most of the suicide bombers are Muslim, and for them a headdress is a must when going out. But this wardrobe detail also helps the terrorist hide his appearance. They do not want to be identified, so in public places they can cover their face with their hand, turn away, tilt their head.

Usually suicide bombers behave unnaturally: they often look around, try to hide from surveillance cameras and the police, get nervous. They may be pale, sunken-eyed and shifty. A terrorist cannot be cold-blooded, even if he truly believes in paradise after death and knows that he is going to the right, in their opinion, cause. Nervousness, apprehension, fear, aggression, anger - such feelings can be read on the faces of suicide bombers. People who go to death often have mental problems. Therefore, their actions may be slightly inadequate.

Terrorists are most often young, because members of such organizations in adulthood already occupy important posts and do not undertake such actions. If you spot a person whose actions fit the description of a terrorist, be sure to try to get away as far as possible and report his omens to the police. Perhaps tens or hundreds of people will be saved with your help.

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