How To Find The Right Home

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How To Find The Right Home
How To Find The Right Home

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If you are a motorist, using a GPS navigator will be the most convenient way to find your home. It is enough to download a detailed map, indicate the address, and the device will lead you to the specified place, choosing the best route. But there are ways to quickly find a home in an unfamiliar place, and without having a navigator at hand,

How to find the right home
How to find the right home

It is necessary

Computer with Internet access, mobile phone


Step 1

You can buy the most common paper map of the city at a kiosk or bookstore. But if you have access to the Internet, it will be easier and more convenient to use electronic cards. If you want to find an organization, visit its website. Often, a fragment of a map with the designation of the desired house is laid out on it, additional landmarks and a route map are indicated.

Step 2

If you need to find a residential building or organization that does not have a website, use the online maps. The most popular of them are: and Enter the location in the search bar in the following format: city, street, house number. For example, like this: Lipetsk, Tereshkova street, 5. If you want to enjoy a detailed three-dimensional map created on the basis of images from space, download the Google Earth application.

Step 3

When searching for an organization whose address you do not know, you can use the free electronic reference book "2GIS" ( Here, by specifying the city and the name of the institution, you will find out not only its location, but also additional information: phone number, opening hours, e-mail, transport routes. Looks for the 2GIS directory and ordinary houses at the specified address.

Step 4

Explore the map before leaving the house, paying attention to the nearby major landmarks. If you are not sure about your memory, it is better to print the map or sketch the route in the form of a diagram. Another option is to simply download Yandex Maps to your phone, if it supports such applications. To do this, make sure that the city you need is in the list of objects for which maps have been drawn. Then, on the website, enter your mobile number, get a link to install the application and follow the instructions.

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