How To Translate From Russian To Uzbek

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How To Translate From Russian To Uzbek
How To Translate From Russian To Uzbek

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Almost every person at least once in his life faced the task of translating a text from Russian into another. In most cases, it turns out to be English, but sometimes there are more exotic languages, for example, Uzbek.

How to translate from Russian to Uzbek
How to translate from Russian to Uzbek


Step 1

The first translation option is to use the Russian-Uzbek dictionary. Write or print text in Russian on a sheet of paper, while giving a sufficient line spacing. Open the dictionary and start looking for the translation of each Russian word from the text in order. At the left distance between the lines, write down the translation of the word into Uzbek. After you finish searching for all words, make sentences according to the rules of Uzbek grammar.

Step 2

The second option is to use an electronic dictionary. Install the appropriate program on your computer and then run it. Enter Russian words in turn in the input field, save their Uzbek equivalent in a separate document. After that, also make sentences according to the grammar of the Uzbek language.

Step 3

The first two options are quite time consuming, as they require a manual search for each individual word. To simplify the process, install one of the specialized translation programs. An example is the Langin application (developed by Azizov D.A.), which works with three languages: Russian, English, Uzbek. The program also has a built-in dictionary that will help you in your work. Download the application from the link, the developer's personal website ( is not functioning.

Step 4

However, all of the above methods require not only time, but also a certain level of knowledge of the Uzbek language. You can get the highest quality translation in one of the specialized bureaus. In this case, you will need to pay for the translation from Russian into Uzbek, but you will receive an accurate and correct finished text. Contact a translation agency to find out the time frame in which the work will be carried out and its price.

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