How To Deal With Crazy People

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How To Deal With Crazy People
How To Deal With Crazy People

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Crazy people walk the streets along with normal people. They intersect with passers-by and sometimes engage in conversation. But it is necessary to adhere to some rules so as not to hurt the feelings of a mentally ill person and not to suffer from him.

How to deal with crazy people
How to deal with crazy people


Step 1

Try not to draw attention to yourself. If you notice a strangely dressed person or someone who is clearly mentally ill, do not focus on him. Do not look in his direction, do not stop to observe him, do not touch him. Move to the other side of the road or leave the premises. Try to avoid any contact.

Step 2

Pretend you haven't noticed it. Crazy people can follow you, shout hurtful words or requests after you, warnings about the end of the world. Pretend not to see him, speed up your pace and break away from the pursuer. Try not to run, as this can anger or offend the mentally ill.

Step 3

Bring his attention to another object. If the mentally ill person nevertheless entered into a conversation with you, try to distract him. Offer to tell this to other people, tell him that it is interesting, and he should share this information with the others. Sometimes you can just show him behind his back and, while he turns around, hide in the crowd.

Step 4

Do not argue with crazy people, because it is useless. Due to their illness, they are absolutely convinced that they are right and do not take your words. The result of this dispute will be spoiled nerves, wasted time, a bad mood, but you will not be able to convince the interlocutor. Agree with the most incredible thoughts of the mentally ill, nod and do not anger him.

Step 5

Be careful and don't trust the crazy person. Even if he looks calm and jokes good-naturedly, at any moment he can be hurt by some trifle and he will become violent. Seemingly quiet psychos are often more dangerous than inadequate and noisy.

Step 6

Treat him with understanding, do not mock, do not mock the mentally ill. These people are sick and may not always be responsible for their behavior. Restrain your irritation and aggression, do not try to get into a fight with him. Beating will not work, and you will blame yourself for beating a sick person.

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