Types Of Weaving Gold Chains

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Types Of Weaving Gold Chains
Types Of Weaving Gold Chains

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Over the past decade, the demand for jewelry has grown significantly. Jewelry stores sell a variety of exquisite items, with gold chains being especially popular. Chain weaves are of different types.


Types of weaves

Jewelry manufacturers are trying to keep up with new trends. They create unique jewelry of the highest quality. If we talk about the formation of links, then we can distinguish an ear, a snake, a Cuban link and other types of weaving.

The spike weaving resembles wheat grains in appearance. Chains are sold not only in gold, but also in silver and platinum. Snake braiding is also widespread, and these chains are produced in large batches as braiding is the most popular. It is made of any metal or stainless steel. The smoothly polished surface resembles a snake.

The Weaving of Figaro got its name from the operas The Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figaro. The weave consists of two or three small links and one elongated one. The Milano weave is a modified rope weave, but the links are more elongated. The chain looks very elegant. Jewelry made from this kind of weaving is especially popular in Europe and the USA.

Cuban weaving is often done on heavy chains. The chain set consists of links of different styles. Despite the thickness, the product looks quite elegant. In the store you can buy a Byzantine weaving chain. It consists of several oval links, held together by an additional link. The result is a complex and beautiful pattern.

To wear a pendant or a cross, you can purchase a lava weaving chain. It will look simple but sophisticated. The links are small, connected to each other, and have a rounded shape. If you do not want the chain to twist while wearing, choose a carapace decoration. In such a chain, the links are ground on both sides, which ensures their tight fit to each other.

Ribbon weave is a design that looks like a satin ribbon. The master works with several links, usually from three to five. The links are connected perpendicularly. It is this fastening that forms a flat surface.

Weaving serpentine looks very nice on the neck or hand. Several ribbons tightly adjacent to each other form a complex pattern. This chain is very effective.

What to look for

You can choose any weave chain in the store. Buy jewelry from major stores that guarantee high quality and authenticity.

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