When The Second Youth Comes

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When The Second Youth Comes
When The Second Youth Comes
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It is generally accepted that in the region of 45 years, both men and women enter a period of "second youth". What is this opinion based on and what is hidden under this term? How does the "second youth" manifest itself in representatives of different sexes?

When the second youth comes
When the second youth comes

There is a widespread belief that at a certain age - and it is not at all necessary that two different people will have this after reaching the same age - a person begins the so-called "second youth". This statement is not far from the truth, because in fact the moment comes when the children have already grown up and you can predominantly take care of yourself and your interests - and during this period a person simply flourishes. When does the second youth begin in men and women?

When does the second youth come in women?

As the popular wisdom says, "45 is a woman again." Indeed, doctors and psychologists agree that after 40 years a woman is in the prime of her sexuality. And if she does not compromise her interests to please others and does not consider herself a mature and sedate matron who needs to fully and completely focus her attention on her husband and children - who, most often, by this time are already completely independent - then she has every chance get the maximum of positive emotions from your "second youth".

In terms of careers, at this age, many women feel some pressure from younger work colleagues. Perhaps this is a signal that you can finally try to do what you like, while using your life experience and your strengths. History knows many examples of how exactly at the age of 45-50 a woman radically changed her sphere of activity and, as a result, this brought her not only an improvement in her financial situation, but also moral satisfaction.

A lot of concern to women after 45 years old is the state of their health, and this is directly related to the onset of menopause. Substitution therapy, selected from a competent gynecologist-endocrinologist, in combination with moderate physical activity, can work wonders, and then this age actually becomes the second youth of a woman.

Is there really a second youth in men?

Many psychologists say that the pursuit of youth by men is not connected with the fact that at the age of 40-45 you can finally stop, exhale and look around, as women who have raised children do. The "second youth" of a representative of the stronger sex appears from his animal fear of aging and death.

It is for this reason that a mature man can recklessly start an affair with a girl who is suitable for his daughter. At the same time, he is guided by the fact that if a young charming woman is next to him, then he is still "wow". In fact, young girls, in the absence of life experience, simply cannot recognize that a man is overwhelmed by complexes and fears, while a wise peer of the same man easily considers the true motives of his behavior.

The consolation for the wives of such men, who understand all the despair of their actions, can be the fact that quite quickly the majority of the stronger sex approaching the fifty-year mark begins to adequately perceive their age. They return to the bosom of the family and no longer need someone outside to serve as a confirmation of their own masculinity and attractiveness for them.

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