How To Store Rose Petals

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How To Store Rose Petals
How To Store Rose Petals

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Fresh rose petals in romantic evenings and weddings symbolize love and beauty. They are traditionally showered with newlyweds, decorate the matrimonial bedroom. The rose is distinguished not only by decorativeness, but also by its healing and nutritious properties - jam is made from its inflorescences, cosmetic masks and medicinal tinctures are prepared. Time can pass between the parsing of a flower into petals and their use, and it is important to properly preserve the aromatic raw materials.

How to store rose petals
How to store rose petals

It is necessary

  • - mesh containers;
  • - refrigerator or balcony;
  • - gauze;
  • - paper or canvas.


Step 1

Buy only fresh rose petals if you want to store them for a long time. Find out which flower shops offer selected, uniform raw materials. They should be packed in a special mesh container such as wicker baskets. When carrying delicate rose petals, it is important not only to deliver them intact, but also to ensure air circulation.

Step 2

Order large quantities of petals in advance so that the supplier can prepare them on time. Stagnant, patchy rose petals are a poor decoration. Sluggish inflorescences may simply not wait for the holiday. If you need a small amount of petals for a date or interior decoration, it is advisable to order and deliver them on the same day. Fresh material for wedding decoration (and you will need a lot of it) is recommended to be purchased a day before the solemn date.

Step 3

Place the package of aromatic raw materials in a cool place (for example, on the balcony or in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator). So you can keep the rose petals in their original form during the day, not allowing them to dry out prematurely. At room temperature, they will last ten hours. It has been noticed that red rose petals are stored longer, so it makes sense to choose this particular noble color.

Step 4

You can also store the rose petals in a dried form. It is a good raw material for the preparation of various cosmetic and medical mixtures, as well as aromatic compositions. You can dry whole cut roses by hanging them upside down. Wrap the inflorescences with a layer of clean gauze - this is a guarantee that the petals retain their delicate aroma and do not become saturated with dust.

Step 5

You can also dry roses on sheets of paper or a thick canvas, covering them with gauze on top. Do not forget to stir up the raw materials periodically. The room should be kept at room temperature, without sudden fluctuations.

Step 6

After a couple of weeks, disassemble the dried flowers into individual petals and use them as directed. Store dried rose petals in a dry, windless place, away from direct sunlight. Try to use them throughout the year, otherwise roses will lose their healing power.

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