How To Prune An Apricot

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How To Prune An Apricot
How To Prune An Apricot

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An apricot at a young age is an intensively growing tree, which, with proper care, quickly enters the fruiting phase. Therefore, it is important to prune and graft the tree in time to achieve high yields.

How to prune an apricot
How to prune an apricot


Step 1

Start shaping the crown of the tree with an annual plant. The most favorable time for pruning is spring. The best shape of the crown of an apricot tree is tierless. The main 6-8 branches should be spaced about 40 cm apart. Another option is an improved tiered crown. But then in the first tier there should be no more than two branches at a distance of 10-20 cm.

Step 2

Prune the annual tree at a height of about 90-100 cm. If the apricot tree has a lot of branches, choose two branches directed along the row. Cut them half the length. Cut other branches into a ring, that is, cut them to a ring ridge located at the base of the branch near the trunk.

Step 3

Lay the rest of the branches gradually over the following years. The branches of the second tier should be at a distance of 35-40 cm from each other. Watch out for unnecessary branches on the main branches. In highly branching varieties of apricot trees, shorten annual branches longer than 60 cm by half, and in weakly branching varieties by two-thirds. Cut branches 40 to 60 cm long by a third. Leave short branches for free growth.

Step 4

Do not shorten the branches after they have begun to bear fruit. However, continue to thin out the crown periodically, remove damaged and dry branches. Carry out summer chasing (pruning) of shoots from strongly branching trees. This is necessary to protect the apricot from frost.

Step 5

Note that shoot growth diminishes as the apricot tree ages. Therefore, rejuvenate the branches to activate the growth processes, when the growth begins to decrease to 10 cm. After that, thin out the emerging shoots in the thickened areas. Select some young branches for harvesting and shorten them a little. Subsequently, carry out anti-aging pruning of apricot every 3-4 years.

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