How To Paint Plastic Models

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How To Paint Plastic Models
How To Paint Plastic Models

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Modelers stand out among people with any hobbies. Usually such a hobby is chosen for themselves by those who are distinguished by special perseverance and perseverance. After all, the prefabricated plastic model should be as similar to the original as possible. To do this, you need to make enough effort, spend a lot of time and, of course, learn how to paint accurately.

How to paint plastic models
How to paint plastic models

It is necessary

  • - model
  • - paint (preferably enamel)
  • - containers for paint dilution (if required)
  • - a set of brushes (spray paint cans or airbrush)
  • - spacious, ventilated, well-lit room
  • - thinner and a small piece of cloth
  • - oilcloth for covering the working surface


Step 1

Choose a painting method. There are several of them: with a brush, balloons or airbrush. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and can be applied by both experienced modelers and beginners.

Step 2

The main advantage of painting with a brush is that the attributes of the modeler are quite cheap (although there are branded brushes, which are usually expensive). Nevertheless, this method remains the most inexpensive compared to others. Another plus is simplicity. Having settled on this option, pick up a suitable brush. Artistic ones with numbers 00, 01, 02 may be suitable, less often thick ones (03, 04, 06) are used for coating volumetric parts with varnish, applying imitation of dirt, dust, etc. ("Aging" of the model by applying traces of operation, ie smudges of dirt, road dust, rust, scratches, is called weathering). Before the process, it is advisable to wash the surface with detergent or sandpaper. The fact is that paint practically does not lie on too smooth plastic. Therefore, you need to create a layer to which it will cling. Painting is usually done at least twice. It is necessary to hold the model or its parts in a previously prepared holder. It is better to dry the painted parts according to the instructions attached to the paint. Drying can take about a day. The varnished model looks good.

Step 3

Painting with spray paint cans also has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The first is that this method takes little time and is quite convenient, and drying can take about 20 minutes. The main negative point is the high consumption of paint. Also, the balloon in the process must be kept at a strictly defined distance from the model. Otherwise, the jet will not reach the surface (underpainting), or it will simply flood it, forming smudges.

Step 4

Another way to get things done is to use an airbrush. This is a device that allows you to spray paint with a very fine jet under pressure. The size of the jet is adjustable. The range of its sizes is large enough. You can create either a cloud or almost a brush. And in any case, the paint will lay down so evenly that the smallest errors on the surface will be visible, which, to some extent, refers to the disadvantages of this type of painting. This means that the modeler must prepare very carefully: deepen the cracks, putty and wipe the joints. The high price of the equipment itself is also not a pleasant moment. In this case, after each painting, it is necessary to disassemble and rinse the airbrush with a solvent, then dry it. The painting itself takes a minimum of time, and the preparatory and final (washing, cleaning equipment) stages are a significant part of it. Thus, this method is suitable for non-lazy modelers.

Step 5

Having chosen the most optimal option for you, you can start directly to work. The venue should be well ventilated, sufficiently spacious and brightly lit. Keep solvent and a small piece of cloth close at hand to remove stains from hands, surrounding objects, and parts in case of failure if necessary.Cover the surface you will be painting on with oilcloth or newspaper. It is advisable to have containers for diluting the paint. After completing the process, leave the model to dry. And rinse brushes or airbrush parts thoroughly with solvent.

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