How To Recognize SMS Scammers

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How To Recognize SMS Scammers
How To Recognize SMS Scammers

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When you receive another SMS about a big win or asking for help, think about how believable what they are trying to tell you. Indeed, such messages often come from scammers.

How to recognize SMS scams
How to recognize SMS scams

Big win messages

Perhaps every modern owner of a mobile phone has received at least one message about a big win. To collect this prize, the subscriber is invited to send an SMS to any short number or call the specified phone number. After following all the attached instructions, a large amount is miraculously debited from the account, and the winnings remain an unfulfilled dream.

Unfortunately, many gullible people fall for the "bait" of malefactors, losing money over and over again. In order not to become one of the victims, remember once and for all: all messages about lotteries, sweepstakes, contests, etc., in which you really did not participate, are just an attempt to take your money. If you receive an unexpected gift message, it is also false. If you are still in doubt, then another argument in favor of the fact that you stumbled upon scammers is a request to call or send an SMS to an unknown number.

Messages from mom, dad and other relatives

Another type of SMS fraud is requests for help from relatives and friends. In this case, it is already more difficult to recognize intruders, since you receive SMS, the senders of which are “Mom”, “Dad”, “Brother”, “Sister”, “Sasha”, “Masha”, etc. The fact is that scammers use the most popular phone book entries that most people have to sign their messages. In order to check if your mom is really writing to you, try calling the sender or view the details of the sender using the appropriate phone function. If this is indeed your mom, her number will be given in the details. If not, the field with the phone number will be empty. As a rule, SMS of this kind contain requests to replenish an account you are not familiar with.

Bank messages

Since today almost every bank offers convenient mobile services, within the framework of which messages-reports from the bank, as well as news and information about promotions, are sent to your phone, cases of sending such messages from scammers have become more frequent. In order to distinguish a bank from a "mobile" thief, pay attention to two points. The first is the sender's phone number. For example, Sberbank of Russia always sends SMS exclusively from number 900. The second point is the content of the message. Banks never ask for your card details, including its number, PIN, login and password to enter online services. Therefore, be vigilant and never trust dubious SMS.

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