How To Open The Lid Of A Can

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How To Open The Lid Of A Can
How To Open The Lid Of A Can

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A story familiar to everyone: it is impossible to remove the lid from the jar, and you so want to get to the contents as soon as possible … What to do? There are several effective ways to remove a stubborn lid, or rather, a few tricks, the use of which will weaken the grip of the lid with the can.

How to open the lid of a can
How to open the lid of a can


Step 1

First, wash your hands with soap and water. Know that this is not just a hygiene product. In your situation, this procedure will remove particles of sweat and grease from your hands, which will make the contact with the jar more durable. Then put the jar under running warm water and rinse it as well. It is possible that its surface, as well as the surface of the lid, are greasy. Thus, you will not only remove dirt from the container, but also begin to struggle with the lid, because under the influence of warm water, the adhesion of the lid to the can weakens.

Step 2

Now try opening the lid. If you can't grasp the jar firmly and your hand slips, call on a towel or other suitable material for help. Wrap both the can and the lid and try again. Nothing?

Step 3

Then let's move on! We turn on hot water and place the jar there. Under these conditions, the laws of physics begin to work actively, and the metal expands (after all, the lid is metal), as a result of which air cavities are formed in the screwing zone. The lid should be kept under water for one and a half to two minutes. After the water procedure, try again to remove the cover.

Step 4

The goal is not achieved? Take a knife and hook it with the blunt side of the edge of the lid several times from opposite sides. The time has come for a methodical unwinding. To do this, take the jar in your hands and rest it against your chest. The grip should be tight. Start unscrewing both the lid and the can at the same time. Your right hand should pull the lid counterclockwise, and your left hand should pull the jar in the opposite direction. Success is almost guaranteed!

Step 5

It should also be said that there is also a barbaric way of opening "stubborn" covers. To do this, you only need an opener (the most common one, as for opening bottles with iron caps). The technique is extremely simple - open this jar as if a bottle, unbending its edges in a circle. After that, the cover, of course, will become unusable, but the goal will be achieved.

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