How To Write A Letter On Office Work

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How To Write A Letter On Office Work
How To Write A Letter On Office Work

Video: How To Write A Letter On Office Work

Video: How To Write A Letter On Office Work
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When filling out a letter for office work, remember that the attitude of the addressee to the author of the letter largely depends on how it is composed and executed. In order to make a good impression, remember that, first of all, the letter must be correctly composed in terms of spelling, punctuation and style.

How to write a letter on office work
How to write a letter on office work


Form with company details


Step 1

Prepare the form correctly. Be sure to include your organization's details in it. For an official letter, the following composition of requisites is recommended: - name of the organization; - logo of the organization; - code of the organization; - taxpayer identification number / registration reason code (TIN / KPP); - main state registration number (OGRN) of a legal entity.

Step 2

Place the requisites in the corner or lengthwise, stretching across the entire page. Do not forget to include the date and registration number on the document.

Step 3

Contact the addressee "Dear (Petrov)!" or "Dear sir (Sidorov)!" Combine the adjective "respected" with an indication of the position or social status. Use the address "Dear (dear)" in official correspondence only if you have a trusting relationship with the addressee and only in combination with a name and patronymic. Correctly indicate the position and specify the correct spelling of the addressee's surname, name and patronymic.

Step 4

Write the letter according to the generally accepted scheme: start with an introduction, state the essence in the main part and summarize in the conclusion. In the introductory part, indicate the purpose (reason) of composing the letter. If this is an answer or you refer to a document, then be sure to include a link to it or its individual paragraphs that served as the basis for writing the letter. Be sure to include in this part the name of the type of document, the date, its author, the registration number of the document, the title, for example: In response to your letter / In accordance with your letter dated June 19, 2010 No. 554 "On approval of the terms of approval …".

Step 5

In the main part, provide a description of the event, the current situation, their analysis, provide evidence. Formulate the main questions of the letter clearly and arrange them in a sequence that is most convenient for understanding.

Step 6

End the letter with conclusions in the form of opinions, reminders, requests, suggestions, refusals, etc.

Step 7

At the end of the letter, indicate the position of the head who signed the letter, full name (put initials in front of the last name, for example V. I. Petrov). Below are the coordinates of the artist - last name, first name, patronymic, telephone.

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