How To Find Out The Indices In St. Petersburg

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How To Find Out The Indices In St. Petersburg
How To Find Out The Indices In St. Petersburg

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Delivery of a letter in an envelope or on a postcard is significantly accelerated if you indicate the index on it. If you do not know it, it is not necessary to ask the addressee for it. You can find this information on the Internet or by phone.

How to find the indices in St. Petersburg
How to find the indices in St. Petersburg


Step 1

Go to the site, the link to which is given at the end of the article. If desired, limit your search to the desired region (for example, St. Petersburg). To do this, either click on the corresponding link in the list, or select it in the drop-down list to the left of the "Find" button.

Step 2

Type in the field “Enter the code or the first few letters of the name of the street or settlement” the name of the street. If you have not selected a region, there may be several results, since the street names in different cities are sometimes repeated. If the region is selected, the result will be the same. After clicking on it, you will be taken to the page of the list where it is located. Please note that this search is only possible along the streets, but not by metro stations, bus stops and other similar objects.

Step 3

If the list turns out to be long and it is difficult to find the desired street in it at once, press Ctrl-F, and then enter the name of the street. The corresponding part of the list will be highlighted. Click on it. The list of houses located on this street will be loaded soon. Select the one you are interested in, and then read the postal code to the right of it.

Step 4

To find out the index by phone, call the help desk of the Russian Post by calling toll-free 8 800 200 58 88. Following the instructions of the autoinformer, get a connection with a consultant. Let him know that you would like to know the zip code at the address. State the region, city or town, street and house number. The consultant will dictate the index to you shortly.

Step 5

Use standard numeric styles when writing the index on an envelope or postcard. You can find out what they look like by clicking on the second of the links below. Use only black or blue pen to write these numbers. If these rules are not followed, the reading machine will not be able to recognize the numbers, and your letter will be sent for manual sorting - a rather lengthy procedure.

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