How To Deal With A Stranger

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How To Deal With A Stranger
How To Deal With A Stranger

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Even if you are a girl of strict rules and avoid communication with strangers, there are situations when such meetings are inevitable. You can be neighbors in a compartment or meet in a company. In these cases, sitting in silence and demonstrating unwillingness to communicate is simply stupid, so you need to behave with a stranger, although naturally, but with caution.

How to deal with a stranger
How to deal with a stranger


Step 1

If the appearance and behavior of a stranger does not scare you off, and you have nothing against communicating with him, be friendly, benevolent and natural. When entering a compartment or finding yourself in an unfamiliar company, do not forget to say hello. If you don't feel the urge to talk, you can choose not to start the conversation. You are a woman, so you have the right to support the proposed conversation or refuse.

Step 2

When the conversation does start, speak simply, without excessive mannerisms. Do not use too pretentious or common language in a conversation, especially profanity. Answer questions without giving long and detailed answers, do not mention any unnecessary details, such as addresses and surnames. Stay away from participation and do not offer discussion of controversial topics yourself, do not allow yourself categorical statements.

Step 3

Listen carefully to the interlocutor. Ask him questions that require a detailed answer in order to form your opinion about him. People love the interest of outsiders in their personality, so many people like to talk about themselves. Take advantage of this weakness. If the interlocutor reveals himself to you from the positive side, do not rush to open your soul to him or talk about something rather intimate. Keep aloof; if you want to continue your acquaintance, you will still have the opportunity to open up when you get to know the person better.

Step 4

Avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol when meeting a person you are seeing for the first time. When you are not sure that a glass of wine or beer will not affect you and will not loosen your tongue, refuse it altogether. Whatever trust you feel in a new acquaintance, you need to control yourself. Restraint in such cases is never superfluous, but cheeky behavior can make you a victim of a scammer or scare off a good guy.

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