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What Is Dynamics
What Is Dynamics

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Dynamics has many definitions and meanings that are found in physics, astronomy, earth sciences, biology, engineering, and music. In general, dynamics is defined as a change in a phenomenon over time (for example, social development) or movement, action and development.

What is dynamics
What is dynamics


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In physics, a whole section of mechanics is called dynamics, which is devoted to the causes of mechanical motion. This section introduces the concepts of mass, momentum, force and energy. Sometimes the concept of dynamics is used in a general literary sense when referring to processes that develop in time depending on some quantities.

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The main task of dynamics in physics is to determine, by the nature of the motion, the resultant forces that act on the body. The inverse task of this section is to determine the nature of the movement of a given object by given forces. There is also aerogasdynamics (studies the laws of a gaseous medium), hydrodynamics (the movement of ideal and real gas and liquid), molecular dynamics (a method in which the evolution of interacting particles is monitored through the equations of their motion), thermodynamics (conversion of heat and other forms of energy) and nonlinear dynamics (nonlinear dynamical systems).

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Stellar dynamics is responsible for studying the motion of stars, which are carried out under the influence of gravity. The main objects of this section of astronomy are multiple and double stars, globular clusters, galaxies and their clusters. All these phenomena are expressed as stellar systems.

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Geodynamics is the science of the nature of processes that arise as a result of the evolution of the Earth as a planet. The discipline uses knowledge in the field of geology, geochemistry, geophysics and mathematical and physical modeling.

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In biology, there is a definition of the dynamics of vegetation, which manifests itself in the process of transformation of plant communities under the influence of various internal and external factors.

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The dynamics of machines and mechanisms studies the movement of mechanisms taking into account the forces acting on them and establishes the laws of motion of the links, their adjustment, finding friction losses and balancing all factors.

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This concept in music has a meaning associated with the shades of sound loudness when they are indicated in the musical notation.

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