Where To Go For The Adoptive Parent

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Where To Go For The Adoptive Parent
Where To Go For The Adoptive Parent

Video: Where To Go For The Adoptive Parent

Video: Where To Go For The Adoptive Parent
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There are a huge number of families where spouses, for various reasons, are not able to have their own child. Some of these families remain childless all their lives, while others accept children left without parental care into the family. Having made the decision to adopt a child, many parents-to-be do not know where to start.

Someone else's child can become a family
Someone else's child can become a family


the passport


Step 1

Take your passport and go to the guardianship and guardianship authorities located in your place of residence. The phone number and address of the organization can be easily found by calling the help desk.

Step 2

Meet with a guardianship specialist. During the interview, be prepared to be honest about the reasons why you or your married couple cannot have children. The specialist will explain in detail the possibility for you personally to be an adoptive parent, as well as tell the details of future adoption.

Step 3

If the possibility of adoption for you is assessed positively, fill out an application for adoption, a questionnaire, discuss with a specialist the questions you are interested in. Do not forget to clarify information about the "Foster Parenting School" and get a referral to it.

Step 4

Go to the Foster Parenting School. On September 1, 2012, amendments to the Family Code of Russia came into force. According to them, future adoptive parents, adoptive parents, guardians are required to undergo special psychological, pedagogical and legal training at the "School of Foster Parents" before taking custody or adopting a child. Upon graduation from the School, testing is carried out, which is crucial for the issuance of a positive conclusion on the possibility of adoption.

Step 5

After graduating from the "School of Foster Parents" and having received a positive opinion on the possibility of being an adoptive parent, start collecting documents for adoption, a list of which you will receive from the guardianship and guardianship authorities.

Step 6

Please note that the documents required for registration of adoption have different validity periods. It would be wise to first collect the most "long-running" references. Last but not least, a medical opinion and a certificate of the condition of the living quarters of the future adoptive parent are made. Be prepared to repeat the check-up as it may take more than 6 months to find a baby.

Step 7

Submit all collected documents to the guardianship and guardianship authorities. Get an opinion on the possibility of being an adoptive parent and register as a candidate for adoptive parents.

Step 8

Receive information from the guardianship authorities about children left without parental care. The guardianship and trusteeship authorities also issue a referral to visit a baby that has attracted future guardians at the place of his residence or stay. Without such a referral, contact between the adoptive parents and the child is impossible.

Step 9

Once you have chosen a child, write an application asking for the possibility of adoption. The application is submitted to the court at the place of residence or the location of the baby. In the application, among other things, you must indicate your wishes regarding changes in the name, surname, date of birth of the child, and the registration of the adoptive parents as parents. The application must be accompanied by a package of documents, a list of which will be provided to the future adoptive parents by the guardianship and guardianship authorities. Adoption is possible only by court order. The future adoptive parent, representatives of the guardianship authorities, and the prosecutor participate in a closed meeting.

Step 10

Having received a positive court decision, start the procedure for state registration of adoption. At this stage, you must personally, presenting the court decision and passport, take the adopted child home.

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