How To Speak With A Microphone

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How To Speak With A Microphone
How To Speak With A Microphone

Video: How To Speak With A Microphone

Video: How To Speak With A Microphone
Video: How to Speak into a Microphone | Public Speaking 2023, March

Some people give in to unnecessary excitement when speaking in public. But when you have to use the microphone as well, the emotions are heightened. To calm down, you need to know the basic rules for working with the device.

How to speak with a microphone
How to speak with a microphone


Step 1

Try to know in advance how the microphone turns on. To check if it works, do not hit it with your finger and do not say "one-time" - better say hello to the audience. This will be more appropriate, and by their reaction you will immediately understand whether they hear you or not.

Step 2

Hold the microphone correctly: all fingers should be in contact with it, but do not try to wrap your palm around it. Do not stick out your little finger, lower and relax your elbow. The distance between the lips and the microphone should be three fingers. Place your palm with an edge to your lips and focus on the ring finger. Do not bring the microphone closer to avoid unpleasant sounds from the letters "b" and "p". Do not hold the device too far, otherwise the voice will be ugly. Maintain a distance throughout the performance, keeping it in tilts and head movements.

Step 3

Find out in advance where the speakers are. Try not to point the microphone in their direction to avoid a harsh, heartbreaking sound. If you get carried away and do not notice how this situation happened, point the microphone in the other direction, and the sound will stop.

Step 4

If you have little experience with a microphone, try to move less. You can become entangled in a long cord and stumble. If you begin to move, with your non-working hand (which does not have a microphone), hold and guide the cord to the side.

Step 5

Rehearse your performance at home using a banana microphone to which you can attach a string for realism. Learn to hold the "microphone" correctly - practice in front of a mirror to look beautiful. Walk around the room, gracefully straightening the cord and without losing visual contact with the "audience."

Step 6

After the rehearsal, approach the organizers and ask them to turn on the device. Walk with him around the stage, get used to the sensations, find the power button. Talk into it to get used to your voice, which is heard from the speakers.

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