How The Hookah Works

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How The Hookah Works
How The Hookah Works

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Hookah has been gaining increasing popularity lately. Unlike cigarettes, it practically does not harm the body, it produces much more smoke, and the taste is noticeably more pleasant. However, in order to properly refuel a hookah, you need to know its structure.

How the hookah works
How the hookah works

Depending on the type of a particular hookah, its device may differ. So new models, for example, are produced from solid glass, leaving only room for a hose and a cup. However, traditional forms have not gone anywhere. Moreover, the principle of operation is the same for each model.

Main components

The simplest element is a flask into which liquid is poured. Depending on the preference of the smoker, water, milk, syrup or some kind of alcoholic beverage can be poured there. The flask can be of different shapes and sizes. As a rule, it fills 2-3 centimeters higher than the lowest point of the shaft.

The next item is the hose. It is believed that its optimal length is 3 meters. So he will be able to normally reach all participants in smoking and will not interfere. Hoses are different. The traditional version is a conventional plastic model with a fabric finish. However, there are silicone and even glass hoses. They are easier to wash and better let through smoke.

Next comes the mine. As a rule, it is she who determines the height of the hookah. The mine is solid and collapsible. The longer the model, the more constituent parts. This was done to make it easy to clean, as the brushes may not always sink to their full length. Shafts differ in shape, diameter and material, but this element rarely affects the quality of smoking.

Another required element is the bowl. The most popular are ceramic and clay varieties. At the same time, there are a huge number of varieties: deep and flat, with a hollow bottom or holes, intended for smoking syrups and stones, or standard.

There are also quite unusual bowls. So recently, the option has become popular, when the coals heat the tobacco not from above, as it was smoked before, but from above. In this case, you can regulate the intensity of the heat by increasing or decreasing the distance. Also, they often use some kind of fruit instead of a bowl. For example, an apple or a pineapple. This makes the taste even richer.

Additional elements and the principle of smoking

Also, the hookah is not complete without foil, filling and coals. First, a smoking mixture is placed in a bowl (this can be tobacco, gel, stones, and even chopped beets). Then the foil is fixed on top. Since it does not burn, it is ideal for laying. Several holes are made in the foil. The coals are heated and placed on top.

Due to the heat, smoke is formed, which goes down the mine and, passing through the water, is cleared of most harmful impurities, and also becomes more saturated. It then exits through the tube and enters the human body.

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