What Kind Of Fabric Is Adhesive Coarse Calico

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What Kind Of Fabric Is Adhesive Coarse Calico
What Kind Of Fabric Is Adhesive Coarse Calico

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Calico is a cotton, fairly dense fabric, the texture of which is much harder and larger than chintz. Currently, the textile industry produces several types of coarse calico: harsh or unfinished, bleached, printed and one-colored. The technological fabric is adhesive coarse calico.

What kind of fabric is adhesive coarse calico
What kind of fabric is adhesive coarse calico

Finished rigid interlining fabrics

Before there were adhesive interlining fabrics, coarse calico was used to give a rigid shape to cut details or to prevent fabric stretching in the sewing industry. It was manually attached to the details with threads. This process has now become much easier with the use of an adhesive strip. Dressed, rigid interlining is currently used as interlining for collars, cuffs of shirts and blouses. They are based on coarse calico-type cotton fabric.

A variety of cellulose-ether-based preparations or synthetic resins, such as polyethylene, are used as glue. Coarse calico is otherwise called solid shirting - it is bleached coarse calico, on which an adhesive film coating is applied in a continuous layer on one side of the fabric. Bleached coarse calico in a special tank is impregnated with a dressing, squeezed on a pad, then dried in a special chamber for three to five minutes at a temperature of seventy degrees. Then it is subjected to heat treatment for two to three minutes at a temperature of one hundred and thirty-five degrees. The quality of the adhesive coarse calico made in this way is much higher than with the use of a gelatinous coating.

Using adhesive coarse calico

Adhesives based on synthetic polymers are widely used in domestic and foreign practice of making clothes when performing many basic and auxiliary operations in the garment industry. Coarse calico is used to form collars and cuffs of shirts made of viscose, cotton and blended fabrics. It makes it possible to maintain the shape of the cuffs and collars while wearing and washing clothes.

In addition, it is used when cutting a product to strengthen the edge of the fabric. It is easy to use - when gluing, the edge fabric is applied to the cut and gently ironed with a hot iron. Due to the high quality of gluing, the product is able to withstand repeated washing and not lose strength and shape for a long time. When washing, glue coarse calico can withstand temperatures up to eighty degrees.

Technological coarse calico is used to give stiffness to the fabric, when sewing shoes, outerwear, to form collars and cuffs of shirts, corsets and other products, the wearing of which requires maintaining a constant rigid shape. It is an irreplaceable material for modern sewing production.

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