How The APEC Summit Will Be Held In Vladivostok

How The APEC Summit Will Be Held In Vladivostok
How The APEC Summit Will Be Held In Vladivostok

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The 24th annual meeting of the leaders of the APEC states - the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum - is scheduled for September 2-9 in Vladivostok under the motto: “Responding to Challenges. Expanding Opportunities”. Such an event is planned for the first time in Russia.

How the APEC summit in Vladivostok will be held
How the APEC summit in Vladivostok will be held

Preparations for the summit have begun in Vladivostok. A public group of 12 people has been created. The townspeople took part in the selection of 9 candidates, for this an Internet voting was announced. Three more participants were appointed by the Governor of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky. The purpose of bringing these people together is to prepare objects for the meeting.

Participants will also have to develop proposals on how the erected objects can be used in the daily life of the city after the event. An inspection of the low-water bridge "De-Vries-Sedanka", bridges over the Golden Horn Bay and the Bosporus-Vostochny Strait, a new air terminal complex, as well as a section of the road on Russky Island has already passed.

The summit will be held on Russky Island. By the beginning of the event, it is planned to put into operation the building of the Far Eastern Federal University, in which the communication of the summit participants will be held. Completed the construction of three vessels. High-strength composite material and aluminum alloy were used in the production of vehicle bodies. The catamarans are designed for 223 seats. Their operational speed is 25 knots and their cruising range is 400 miles.

The catamaran "Saint Petersburg" has already been successfully tested. The second vehicle - "Moscow" is also ready for work and has already been handed over to the customer. The third catamaran "Vladivostok" is still under construction by the "Pacifico Marine" company. Ready-made catamarans have successfully passed test tests, have shown efficiency and ease of use in comparison with the "Komets". The vessels will be handed over to the administration of the Primorsky Territory, which plans to transfer them in the future to the region to ensure coastal passenger traffic.

The organizers of the event additionally rented two more passenger catamarans and an ocean liner in Singapore. They plan to accommodate guests of the city and hold the business part of the summit.

Back in October 2010, the Georg Ots ferry was delivered to the city, with a capacity of up to 374 passengers. The vehicle was built back in 1980 in Poland. Then they plan to leave it for passenger traffic on the seas of the Far East.

APEC Business Summits are very effective and have proven this over time. The Russian chairmanship has prepared about 70 initiative proposals and projects for consideration by partners, which allows us to conclude that there is a significant substantive basis for the final documents of the APEC summit.

Effective measures have been taken to protect the summit. A joint headquarters is already working in Vladivostok, which includes about 10 power structures. Trainings and special exercises are constantly held, which will continue until the arrival of the heads of countries participating in the summit.

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