What Is Ionization In A Hairdryer For?

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What Is Ionization In A Hairdryer For?
What Is Ionization In A Hairdryer For?

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Using hair dryers is harmful to hair, but sometimes it is difficult to do without them. Ionization hair dryers have recently gained popularity as an alternative to conventional models.

What is ionization in a hairdryer for?
What is ionization in a hairdryer for?

What manufacturers promise

Ionization is understood as the process of formation of ions from neutral molecules and atoms, when they acquire an electric charge.

The work of a hair dryer with ionization is based on the formation of negatively charged ions, which neutralize static electricity. This, according to the inventors, heals the hair.

The purpose of ionization is to provide more gentle drying of the hair. Negatively charged ions can reduce the harm from hot air, protect hair from dryness and excessive evaporation of moisture from them. Ions help turn moisture into tiny droplets and absorb it faster, maintaining the natural moisture level of the hair. The hair dries out faster.

Ionization also provides a kind of conditioning to the hair by removing static electricity and neutralizing positively charged particles that make hair tousled, frizzy, electrified and matted. This is especially true during the winter season, when hair suffers from excessive dryness caused by heating and wearing hats. Hair is easier to style, keep its shape better, become softer and more manageable.

Using a hair dryer with an ionizer allows you to wash your hair less often, since the hair attracts less dust and gets dirty more slowly. At the same time, they become more shiny and smoother. This is due to the fact that the ions, as it were, smooth the cuticle scales, the outer layer of the hair is smoothed and begins to reflect light better.

Buyers' opinion

Reviews of hair dryers with ionization can be found very different. Someone says that they do not notice much difference with conventional hair dryers. And some believe that the difference is obvious. Some people do not notice the effect immediately, but after a while.

There are women who report a reduction in the oiliness of their hair. Excessive sebum production is caused by overdrying the hair and scalp with a regular hot hairdryer. If you use a hair dryer with a delicate action, this problem is solved.

In order not to miscalculate, experts recommend giving preference to a professional model.

If you decide to purchase a hair dryer with ionization, it is better to pay attention to manufacturers and brands of household appliances that have proven themselves well. Study reviews of specific models, ask for advice from friends who already have such a hairdryer.

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