How To Choose An Original Tattoo

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How To Choose An Original Tattoo
How To Choose An Original Tattoo

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Removing a tattoo is a difficult and unpleasant process. And this means that you need to pay as much attention as possible in advance to the choice of a suitable tattoo design, so that later you will not regret your whole life about the decision you made.

How to choose an original tattoo
How to choose an original tattoo


Step 1

Before choosing a specific design, think about exactly where you want to get the tattoo. A rather large pattern can be placed on the back, thin symmetrical images look good on the lower back, bracelets are most often drawn on the ankles and wrists. Please note that over time, the body can change, which will lead to deformation of the picture. So girls who are planning to have children are not recommended to get tattoos on their chest or abdomen. Note that the more complex and unusual the sketch, the more expensive the tattoo.

Step 2

Think about what exactly you want to say with your tattoo. After all, a tattoo can not only remind of any important life events, but also inform people about your status, worldview, preferences or character. A tattoo can be considered as a talisman or amulet. Once you decide what exactly your tattoo should express, you can start looking for a specific image.

Step 3

Use the Internet to search for photos of finished tattoos with an image of interest to you. Please note that the same drawing looks very differently in the catalog (sketch) and on the body. You can always choose an image from the catalog provided in the tattoo parlor and ask the master to make changes to it. If you have not found anything suitable in the catalog, look for images of interest to you on the Internet. You don't have to focus solely on tattoos; a good artist can draw a suitable sketch from almost any image.

Step 4

Do not choose banal common symbols - butterflies, snakes, wolves, roses, lilies, daggers and so on, unless their images are endowed with some special meaning in your eyes. In any directory there are more or less popular images, be sure to look through them to the end. You may find the perfect sketch that you don't have to tweak.

Step 5

You can try combining several images into one tattoo, adding an inscription, intricate ornamentation, or other unusual details. You can do it yourself or contact a master (the latter is preferable), he will help you finalize the drawing.

Step 6

Combining several motives in one tattoo, try not to overload the image, it should not be too pretentious, from afar such tattoos merge into one spot, even if different colors of ink were used to create them.

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