How Do I Get The Goods? In

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How Do I Get The Goods? In
How Do I Get The Goods? In

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Let's consider how to get the goods, pick them up from the warehouse. What you need to do and what documents to draw up. What is the difference between invoice and power of attorney? What is a letter of guarantee?

How do I get the goods?
How do I get the goods?


  • 1. Invoice.
  • 2. Power of attorney.
  • 3. Letter of guarantee (not always).
  • 4. The item to be received.


Step 1

Upon receipt of the goods by the buyer or authorized person in the warehouse, it is necessary to confirm their authority, that is, to provide a document (invoice), signed and stamped.

If the buyer is a private person or an individual entrepreneur, then the seal is optional.

If we receive the goods through an intermediary, a power of attorney is required. And this path is used most often. Carefully study the rules for issuing powers of attorney.

Step 2

When there are services (or works) in your account, then a power of attorney is required to accept the work-services.

Step 3

If you want to receive the goods faster, you can conclude an agreement with an intermediary firm. There are a lot of them now, and they are in demand. Here you draw up a letter of guarantee. A letter of guarantee - as the word itself says - promises a written guarantee with confirmation of promises or conditions, intentions or actions of the sender, one way or another related to the interests of the addressee.

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