How Trees Are Felled

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How Trees Are Felled
How Trees Are Felled

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Very often, when carrying out construction work at a summer cottage, it is required to free the area from trees. It is better to entrust the felling of large trunks to professionals. But it is quite possible to cope with small trees on your own. If you need to topple a tree, take precautions and follow proven technology exactly.

How trees are felled
How trees are felled


  • - axe;
  • - bow saw;
  • - two-handed saw;
  • - chainsaw;
  • - long pole.


Step 1

Examine the tree to find the right direction for felling. The easiest way to dump the tree is in the direction of its best branch development, as well as in the direction of its natural slope and curvature. If the trunk is flattened, the tree is felled towards the smallest diameter. Remember that even with the most accurate felling, the trunk can always deflect to the side when falling.

Step 2

Prepare the felling area. It is recommended to cut down shrubs around the tree, and if work is carried out in winter, you will need to trample snow near the trunk. Make sure you can get away from the tree quickly when it falls.

Step 3

Chop up the trunk. It is important to select the place of the undercut in such a way as to ensure the required direction of the fall of the tree. The tree should be chopped down from two sides: from the one where you intend to put the trunk, and also from the opposite side. The depth of the undercut is usually one quarter or one third of the thickness of the tree. With a strong natural inclination of the trunk, a deep undercut is not required.

Step 4

Start cutting the tree. First, make sure that there are no bystanders or pets near the work area. With the saw of your choice, start filing the trunk in a horizontal plane, focusing on the place of the undercut. The easiest way to cut a tree with a partner is using a two-handed saw. In this case, the sawer should perform only one movement - pull the saw "towards himself". Otherwise, the blade may pinch.

Step 5

Stop sawing slightly before reaching the undercut. Now you need to arm yourself with a long pole and push the tree, resting one end of the pole against the trunk at a level of 3-4 meters from the surface of the earth. If the tree is small, you can push it not only with the pole, but also with your hands. Remember that it is forbidden to leave a tree that has been felled or not completely felled unattended.

Step 6

Free the fallen tree from branches with an ax. If you intend to use the trunk for firewood or other household needs, cut it and store it.

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