How To Identify A Real Ruby

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How To Identify A Real Ruby
How To Identify A Real Ruby

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Ruby is one of the most expensive gemstones. It is not very common in nature, but there are a huge number of people who want to have it, therefore, many ruby ​​imitations are presented in the field of jewelry.

How to identify a real ruby
How to identify a real ruby


  • - glass vessel;
  • - cow's milk;
  • - Light source;
  • - UV lamp.


Step 1

Keep in mind that clean, bright and deeply colored large rubies are very rare and extremely expensive. A high-quality stone of deep scarlet color is unique. Such a ruby ​​weighing only one carat is valued much higher than a diamond of the same weight.

Step 2

Place the ruby ​​in a glass jar. A slight reddish glow will spread from it.

Step 3

Place the ruby ​​in the cow's milk. The milk should take on a pinkish tint.

Step 4

Look at the ruby ​​from different angles. A genuine stone will appear dark red from one angle and pale from the back.

Step 5

Hold the ruby ​​in your hand. Real ruby ​​is heavier and denser than imitation or similar stone.

Step 6

Look into the depths of the ruby. The crack in the fake will be clearly visible, straight and radiant. The bubbles will be round, "open" and white (sometimes transparent). In a real ruby, a thin crack will take on a zigzag shape. Bubbles rarely come across, they are almost invisible, since they have the same color as the stone in which they are located. The layers of a real ruby ​​are straight, as if drawn. In fakes, they are circular.

Step 7

Feel the ruby ​​(some experts even advise putting it on the eyelid). A real ruby ​​will stay cool due to its compact molecular structure. The fake will heat up quickly.

Step 8

Place the stone under a UV lamp. The fake ruby ​​will turn orange.

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