How To Identify A Coiled Speedometer

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How To Identify A Coiled Speedometer
How To Identify A Coiled Speedometer

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Often sellers of used cars offer cars with low mileage and for a relatively low price. However, there are few reasons for joy here, in fact, the car may have many more problems than it seems at first glance. And often the twisted mileage can be determined by the external features of the car.

How to identify a coiled speedometer
How to identify a coiled speedometer


Step 1

First of all, pay attention to indirect signs that will help determine how many kilometers the car actually traveled. Take a very close look at the driver's seat. If the steering wheel is worn enough, the seats or covers are already worn out, and the pedal pads are worn out, then this indicates that the car has been in use for quite a long time. If a suspiciously low mileage is indicated, it means that it was definitely twisted.

Step 2

Make a count. On average, a car that is operated by an ordinary driver who is not involved in passenger transportation travels about 15 tons km per year. Multiply this mileage by the number of years of the car and you get an approximate figure that is closer to reality than the odometer reading.

Step 3

Most often, the mileage is twisted for cars that were imported from Europe, Japan and the USA. If a car is imported from Europe, then the customs office winds up the indicators in the direction of increase in order to reduce customs costs, since until recently both the external condition of the car and its mileage were taken into account.

Step 4

Determine the degree of vehicle wear not by the odometer, but by the degree of engine wear, the condition of the body and other components. The pressure in the oil system, the wear of the engine pulleys, the color of the exhaust will tell much more than the mileage.

Step 5

Under the hood of foreign cars, there are often stickers that the car owner might have forgotten to remove, which indicate the date of a particular maintenance operation (passing a technical inspection or changing an oil). Open the hood and check for this tag. Also, if the car is a fairly new model range, then look for the manufacturer's decal.

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