How To Buy A Boat

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How To Buy A Boat
How To Buy A Boat

Video: How To Buy A Boat

Video: How To Buy A Boat

Many people decide to buy a boat. Some for personal use, spending weekends and vacations on the water, and some for business activities related to the organization of cruises, weddings, paid fishing, etc.

How to buy a boat
How to buy a boat


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Let's define the basic terms of a general nature used in the production and operation of foreign-made vessels: Motor boats - boats with outboard motors and stationary engines. So a motor boat is a boat with an outboard engine, and a boat is a stationary one. Although a boat may have a low power motor, a motor boat may have two outboard motors. Day cruiser is a motor boat designed for short boat trips: swimming, walking, fishing. Most often, this type of vessel is light, open and has a wheelhouse on board. Overnighter, weekender - a very wide class of motor boats designed for a long stay on the water (a day or more). Equipped with a cabin, galley and all kinds of amenities.

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Classification of boats and yachts There is no single and clear classification of boats and yachts, since the market for ships is dynamic and constantly updated: new models appear, old ones are modernized. However, the most typical examples can be summarized as follows: - sports and walking are designed for short water walks and represent the most common type of boats; this class differs among themselves by the layout of the internal structure of the boat; - power towing boats for use in active sports and towing a parachutist or skier; they must be able to create the wave necessary for water skiing;

- executive motor boats are capable of reaching high speeds (up to 50 knots and above), and are also distinguished by their large size and powerful engine; - fishing motor boats are distinguished by an incredible variety of designs, their sizes vary from small to huge, and they are, of course, intended for fishing; - motor cruiser boats have a length of 6 to 10 meters, are equipped with one or two cabins, a galley block and a fenced-off toilet, intended for riding and relaxing on it alone or with a family; - motor yachts - a type of motor boats of a higher class in terms of size and equipment, depending on their architectural and structural characteristics, they are intended from short walks to use as a summer house; - megayachts - are included in the classification of motor boats, but have great power and dimensions, high-tech equipment and exclusive design and interiors.

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Nuances and peculiarities of sale Today, buying a boat, motor boat, yacht is very affordable and profitable. Such a purchase, which has all the characteristics of comfort, can be used for travel, fishing and as a mobile summer cottage. Many boats are suitable for long cruises and even for life on them. Most buyers choose boats of foreign manufacture. European models are more convenient, more reliable, safer and more comfortable than Russian ones. The boat supply market is vast and diverse, and the abundance of advertisements for their sale is very large. Therefore, for the correct choice of a vessel, it is necessary to formulate: where and how the yacht or boat will be used, how to store it in the winter, how much can be spent on the purchase, and other factors. It is best to formulate in advance the desired technical design for the upcoming purchase: dimensions, technical equipment, housing design, engine type and power, etc. For the choice of the material of the ship's hull, the nuances of technical equipment and storage of future purchases, it is better to turn to specialists. The process of making a purchase is also important. A properly drawn up contract (preferably with the participation of a lawyer) should take into account all the subtleties and protect your interests when buying and further operating the boat. And it will also save you from problems that may arise immediately after the conclusion of the transaction.

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Maintenance When buying a boat, you should take care of the upcoming boat maintenance costs in advance. Proper care of a yacht, motor boat, boat will extend its service life, increase the safety of navigation, increase the reliability and comfort of the vessel. Maintenance of any motor vessel should include the following operations: preparation for wintering, checking the performance of all mechanisms, repair, technical inspection, launching. water. If the craft is of a high enough class, it is very difficult to do all this on your own. As a rule, this is done by a team of workers at the docks, in shipyards or in yacht clubs. It should be noted that the annual maintenance of the boat is very high - up to 10% of its cost. Recently, new models have appeared on the market, which are inexpensive to operate and maintain. There is no need for a qualified crew to take care of the boat, no special equipment is needed to lift such a boat out of the water. And for storage, a garage, yard or parking lot is suitable. Such new items save the owner from unnecessary maintenance costs.

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Used boat This is another option for buying an overseas boat. Buying a used boat is a common thing in Europe. It should be remembered that the reliability of a used vessel is 80% dependent on the care of the previous owner, and only 10% depends on the quality of production and 10% on the conditions of service in the future. Therefore, competent and qualified independent technical expertise with the involvement of professional experts and the latest technical equipment is of paramount importance before purchasing a used boat!

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