How To Find The Spark

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How To Find The Spark
How To Find The Spark

Video: How To Find The Spark

Video: How To Find The Spark
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It is worthwhile to immediately amend the title - here we mean the process of getting the spark. So, if you are wondering what lightning looks like, it is not at all necessary to fly in an airplane in rainy weather. Try to get it yourself at home, only in a reduced version. In fact, it will be a spark.

How to find the spark
How to find the spark


  • - piezoelectric lighter without gas;
  • - non-combustible dielectric;
  • - thin wire;
  • - an old car candle;
  • - transparent casing;
  • - drill.


Step 1

Find an old piezoelectric lighter without gas and no refueling valve. Then fold back the flame diffuser to remove the piezoelectric element and button. They are what you need.

Step 2

Consider a piezoelectric element. You will see that one of its leads looks like a wire enclosed in insulation, and the other looks like a small metal cylinder that does not lend itself to soldering.

Step 3

Strip the end of the wire, after unbending it, Extend it with another similar wiring. As for the cylinder, you need to wind one more wire around it - in several turns.

Step 4

Take a non-combustible dielectric plate that will serve as the base for your device. Drill a hole in the base. Its diameter should be such that the cylinder, together with the wire wound around it, is tightly held in the hole, in no case dangling.

Step 5

To make it easier to press the piezoelectric element, put a button on it.

Step 6

Find a car candle that has already served its life. Just make sure it has never been used with leaded gasoline. Fix it in any way on the base of their non-combustible dielectric.

Step 7

One of the wires that come from the piezoelectric element must be connected to the body of the car candle. The second wire is connected to its central entrance.

Step 8

For your own safety, make sure that there are no flammable vapors, gases, or suspensions in the room atmosphere. Then press the button without touching the wires and watch the spark. It will slide between the electrodes every time you press the button.

Step 9

Cover the conductors and the candle with a transparent cap, which is shaped in such a way that you can press the button, but in any case you will not be able to touch the live parts. However, do not forget that this casing cannot be called sealed, and therefore the device still cannot be used in an atmosphere of flammable vapors, gases or suspensions.

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