How To Tie A Beautiful Knot

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How To Tie A Beautiful Knot
How To Tie A Beautiful Knot

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Today, a tie is an essential attribute of the business style of menswear. In total, there are about 80 different knots for tying a tie. But, as a rule, modern men cost 3-5. How to tie a beautiful knot on a tie?

How to tie a beautiful knot
How to tie a beautiful knot




Step 1

Simple knot This tie is one of the most popular. A knot like this is really simple to make and will look good on almost any tie: Lift the collar of your shirt, put on the tie and cross it so that the narrow end is about 30 cm shorter than the wide one and is underneath. Pull the wide end under the narrow end, turning it in the opposite direction, and then wrap it around to form a loop. Pull the wide part from the bottom up and through the front knot. Be careful not to twist the tie. Align the knot.

Step 2

Mosconi Node This node is perhaps one of the most original. Although it is difficult to tie it, the result is worth the effort. Position the tie so that the widest part is on the narrower and is directed to the left. Wrap the wide end around the narrow end so that it points in the opposite direction. Then thread it through the neck loop of the tie from top to bottom, pointing to the left. Pass through the "eyelet" formed in front and pull down. Tighten and straighten the knot carefully.

Step 3

Free Style Knot This beautiful knot is especially suitable for silk ties. Cross the ends of the tie. In this case, the wide end should be located on the narrow one and be turned to the left. Slide the wider part of the tie under the narrower one so that it faces to the right. Pass it through the neck loop from top to bottom and point to the right. Pull first into the neck loop from bottom to top, and then into the front loop from top to bottom. Correct and tighten the knot.

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