How To Print A DVD Cover

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How To Print A DVD Cover
How To Print A DVD Cover

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DVD-discs are stored and distributed in various types of packaging - from “democratic” paper bags to exclusive gift cases made of genuine leather. However, most often it is a transparent plastic Jevel-type box, the information and decoration of which is provided by a paper cover. It is not very difficult to make such a "carpet" yourself.

How to print a DVD cover
How to print a DVD cover


Step 1

Create or customize a cover image. On the Internet, it is not difficult to find a carpet of an original DVD if an already released film, music album or popular TV program is recorded on the medium. There you can also find source pictures for self-design of the cover in any graphic editor. Some optical disc burning software has the ability to create such covers in an interactive mode - for example, there is such an option in the popular suite of applications Nero Burning ROM.

Step 2

If you do not have a printer at your disposal, the capabilities of which allow you to print the cover with the desired quality, then save the prepared cover to a file and write it to any medium (CD / DVD-disk, floppy disk, flash drive, etc.). With this medium and a request to print the contents of the file, you can contact, for example, a photo studio - many of them today are engaged in computer processing of images, writing them to discs and printing from files. Of course, this is a paid service.

Step 3

If you have access to the printer, prepare it for work. Make sure this printing device is supplied with consumables (toner and paper of the correct quality), is connected to the computer, and is powered. If it is a network printer, send a test document to the printer to make sure the connection is working properly. Printing color images is a rather complicated and costly process, it will be a shame if any of the listed little things suddenly show itself at the most inopportune moment.

Step 4

Load the prepared cover file into any editor (text or graphic) and make sure that in its settings the dimensions of the printed document correspond to the parameters of the DVD box. The front side of the Jevel box is 142 mm wide and 125 mm high, and the back side is 10 mm wider due to the end surface. In thin slim boxes, a cover is usually not used for the back. DVD-boxes ("books") have a height of 192 mm, and the width consists of two sides of 136 mm and an end of 14 mm. It is better to set zero value for margins in print settings.

Step 5

Send your document to print when all the necessary settings have been made. In most programs, this command is assigned the "hotkeys" Ctrl + P. If the cover consists of two separate sheets, it is better to wait until the first is printed before sending the second - it is possible that after looking at the first printed sample, you will want to make some changes to the settings print.

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