What Is The Meaning Of The Name Azalea

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What Is The Meaning Of The Name Azalea
What Is The Meaning Of The Name Azalea

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The name Azalea has Latin roots and means "flowering bush". This name comes from the eponymous flower - azalea. The peculiarity of this plant is that it is a shrub with dry shoots and small rough leaves, but during flowering it completely transforms. According to another version, the name Azalea is of Arabic origin and is translated as "eternity".

What is the meaning of the name Azalea
What is the meaning of the name Azalea

Azalea character

Women named Azalea are distinguished by their strong character. They have a well-developed intuition and they can immediately unmistakably recognize deception. Azalea is unusually balanced and patient. She is able to endure difficulties without complaints and unnecessary lamentations.

Azalea is friendly to the people around her and, whenever possible, is always ready to help in difficult times. Sometimes she is overly principled, which can negatively affect her relationships with men. Azalea does not forgive betrayal and endures deception in relationships. It is worth noting that she can rarely go into open conflict. Most often, she prefers to be silent and not show her true emotions. It is best to be honest and open with this woman, and she will gladly reciprocate.

Perseverance, patience and hard work help Azalea to achieve success and financial well-being in life. She is able to become an indispensable worker in literally any field of activity. And yet, the humanitarian orientation is most suitable for her. Azalea can be an excellent teacher, social worker, journalist or lawyer.

This woman does not like competition, so she can often significantly underestimate the goals that she sets for herself. Her self-esteem is never high, rather the opposite. She often underestimates herself. She does not like to give orders or turn to someone with requests - it is better to do it on her own.

Azalea has good oratorical skills, she knows how to be eloquent. In the company of friends, Azalea is often the center of attention. She has a well-developed sense of humor and self-irony, she can be very sharp on the tongue and easily wins in disputes, clearly and competently substantiating her position.

The feeling of envy is alien to azaleas, she is not touchy and does not have a habit of revenge. Any conflicts and open displays of aggression are simply unbearable for her.

Personal life and family relationships

This woman loves stability in relationships. Scandals and open confrontation are not for her. Azalea would rather calmly leave a man who did not live up to her expectations than to stage scenes. She knows well male psychology.

Azalea cannot imagine her life without a strong family. She becomes a good wife and mother. If a man appreciates her and does not forget to constantly praise her, then she, in turn, will try her best to make their marriage perfect and lasting.

Male names that suit Azalea best: Gregory, Daniel, Dmitry, David, Vadim, Nikolai, Eugene.

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