How To Determine The Phase Of Sleep

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How To Determine The Phase Of Sleep
How To Determine The Phase Of Sleep

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To restore the body's resources spent during wakefulness, a person must sleep. Sleep has two phases. Conventionally, they can be called directly the phase of sleep and the phase of wakefulness. During this time, the resources spent by the body are restored.

How to determine the phase of sleep
How to determine the phase of sleep


Step 1

Do an experiment. Everyone has a period when a person must sleep. The duration of this time is individual, varying within 2-4 hours. When you fall asleep during the required hours of sleep the body needs, you get enough sleep.

Step 2

Train yourself to get up at a specific time. Alternatively, use an alarm clock with a built-in radio and a wall clock, which you hang in front of the bed. You set the call an hour earlier than you need to wake up. When triggered, the radio will automatically turn on. Set the volume to minimum, you will hear the broadcast through a dream.

Step 3

Repeat the next day, getting up an hour earlier than the previous awakening. Determine the desired time range looks like this. You are asleep, the alarm rings, the music starts playing, the volume is very low and you are still sleepy. The active phase of sleep lasts 5-10 minutes, very little, you can hear music in it through sleep, if you wake up, look at the clock and try to remember the time. Continue to sleep, then the deep sleep phase will come. But you will still hear the music of the alarm clock through your sleep. But this sound will soon become clearer. As a result, you will no longer be able to sleep and will get up.

Step 4

Look periodically at the clock and record your sleep phases in time. Conduct this experiment for 10-20 days and you will know exactly when to go to bed in order to get enough sleep.

Step 5

Try to calculate the phase of sleep this way. Give up for 10-14 days from alarms, social events and other factors that make you fall asleep and wake up not when you want, but when it is required for one reason or another. During this period of time, you will develop an individual sleep rhythm, which will be optimal for you.

Step 6

Contact a sleep center. Or to any clinic where you will be provided with round-the-clock EEG monitoring. Set aside a couple of weeks free from work, socializing with friends, and so on. Based on the results of EEG data, other indicators, scientists will draw conclusions about how long your sleep cycle takes from superficial to paradoxical sleep. And how many periods do you need to fully regain strength.

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