How To Accumulate Points In "Megafon"

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How To Accumulate Points In "Megafon"
How To Accumulate Points In "Megafon"

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Megafon is one of the largest cellular operators in Russia. Among others, he was the first to propose a point system for rewarding users of cellular communications and mobile Internet services. Therefore, it is worth figuring out how to accumulate points in Megafon.

How to accumulate points in
How to accumulate points in

For what and how points are accumulated

Of course, for the money spent on communication. According to the operator's website, one point is credited for every 30 rubles spent by the user. Also, bonus points can appear as a gift from Megafon to the user: on his birthday, on New Year's and Christmas holidays, etc. All this can be traced in the news published on the operator's website.

Information about how many points have accumulated can be found out in several ways. Firstly, it is to send a free message with the number 0 to the short number 5010. Secondly, it is a call to the number 0510. Well, the last one is entering a command from the phone * 115 #.

If a person has a personal account on the operator's website, then he will be able to find out his points on it. The personal account of a Megafon user is a very convenient tool for monitoring the balance and services in general. With it, you can manage your tariff and tariff options by changing, adding or removing them.

What are the points spent on?

Several years ago, points could be spent both on bonus minutes of communication, SMS / MMS packages and mobile traffic, as well as on various material branded gifts from Megafon. These were: pens, flash drives, alarm clocks, toys, etc. Now the situation is somewhat different.

You can spend the accumulated points in different ways. First of all, it is a discount on communication in general. It can vary from 5 to 150 rubles, depending on the number of points spent. Another way is to get a discount on mobile devices sold in the online store of this operator, one point is equal to a discount of one ruble. And the last way is to get a discount on goods and services of Megafon's partner companies. Services and goods are very different: air travel, cafes, restaurants, bars, training, treatment in private clinics and much more.

The nuances of the bonus program

First, the validity period of the bonus points is limited. The accumulated points expire in 12 months from the moment they are credited to the account. This means that saving them for a long time and painstakingly is a pointless exercise. It all depends on how actively a person uses the services of the operator. The more active, the more points and the more interesting the ways to spend them.

Secondly, with a negative balance, most likely, the user will not be able to connect bonus services for points. But if a person has a negative threshold for turning off cellular services, then he has nothing to fear.

The third feature of the "Megafon" bonus program is that it is automatically connected without the user's participation at the time of the operator's SIM card purchase. Earlier, the accumulated points did not burn out, the person, without knowing it, saved up and saved them on the account. But, when the points still began to burn out over time, users began to receive messages about several thousand accumulated points, which they had no idea about. Pens, flash drives and so on were swept off the shelves of Megafon in the shortest possible time. Therefore, the operator refused material rewards for users.

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