Where To Donate Coins

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Where To Donate Coins
Where To Donate Coins

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Sometimes a large number of coins accumulate in the house, especially for those who do not like to carry heavy change in their pockets. When a critical amount of them accumulates, the coins can be given to the bank or disposed of in another way.

Where to donate coins
Where to donate coins


Step 1

Unfortunately, banks should not provide services for exchanging coins for bills for free, so they do it for a three percent commission, and this amount cannot be less than fifty rubles.

Step 2

Before carrying coins to the bank, you need to sort and count them. Moreover, it is advisable to take the form in advance from the bank where you are going to hand over your change. On this form, you need to indicate how many coins and what denomination you are handing over. Moreover, to return the change, you need to have a passport, which, together with the form, will need to be given to the cashier.

Step 3

If you do not want to pay the commission, you can send the entire resulting amount to the card account, or maybe pay for some bank services. You cannot be denied this.

Step 4

If you don't feel like messing with the bank's requirements, you can turn in your coins into a special machine. Unfortunately, they are not very common. In Moscow, there is a single machine gun on Vavilov Street 19 in Sberbank. This machine also subtracts its three percent from the total. After counting, the machine will give you a check, which, if you have a passport, can be cashed at the bank itself. This unit works very simply: you need to pour coins into its tray, press “start”, and the machine will automatically count them.

Step 5

The easiest way to get rid of heavy coins is to walk to the nearest supermarket or pharmacy, buy something there or exchange coins at the checkout, usually supermarkets are happy with such “unexpected gifts”. It is advisable to at least sort the coins, and, of course, not come during rush hour, so as not to block the work of the entire store. You can get rid of coins by paying for travel on ground transport or on the metro, if you use public transport irregularly and do not buy a ticket, it makes sense to leave a change to pay for tickets.

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