How To Make Call Detailing In MTS

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How To Make Call Detailing In MTS
How To Make Call Detailing In MTS

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Call detailing to MTS is a one-time service provided by this company. The invoice prepared at your request will contain detailed information about all incoming and outgoing calls, sms and mms messages, all transactions on your account for the period specified when ordering. In the event that you used the mobile Internet, your traffic will also be reflected in this document.

How to make call detailing in MTS
How to make call detailing in MTS


Step 1

Call detailing allows the owner of the phone to control their expenses. Indeed, sometimes, without a detailed calculation, it is not clear why the money was withdrawn. This is especially true for those who are not connected to unlimited tariffs with a monthly fee, but pay for every minute or even second of the conversation. And such services as SMS, MMS, the Internet sometimes do not even allow to predict what the bill will be at the end of the month. In addition, MTS offers its customers many additional offers, such as dial tone, everywhere like at home, and others will not allow you to understand why the money was withdrawn without detailed details. But there are several ways to get a complete printout by your phone number.

Step 2

MTS calls detailing implies a complete list of all operations that were performed from your phone number in a certain period of time specified by you in the application. In detail, you can see all the information starting from the phone number where the subscriber wrote or called, the number of minutes spent on the conversation, the cost of the call, and even your location at the time of the action with the phone. The truth is only within the honeycomb. The undoubted advantage of detailing calls, in addition to the full decryption of the account, is the ability to receive it completely free of charge. You can request it both from home or contact the sales office.

Step 3

In order to order a detailed invoice, you can contact the MTS brand salon, where any operator will do this after you present your passport. The downside of this method is that only the owner of the SIM card can get the details. If it was issued to your relative or friend, then you can request details at the MTS sales office only either to the owner himself, or upon presentation of a notarized power of attorney for you on behalf of the SIM card holder. Unfortunately, such an application can cost from 500 rubles and more, depending on the city where you live. Not everyone agrees to spend not only money, but also time to obtain such a document. The power of attorney can be written in free form, but it must necessarily include the full passport details of the SIM card holder and the one who will request details and the phone number for which details are required. In addition, the text of the power of attorney must contain a phrase that the owner gives the right to request, receive and perform any other actions on behalf of the SIM card holder. Only after providing such a power of attorney will the client be able to request details of the MTS invoice in the sales salon from the consultant.

Step 4

If your SIM card is the property of the organization where you work, then getting the details of calls in the MTS salon, as a rule, is also quite problematic. Upon presentation of your passport, you will not be able to receive it, since the card was issued for the organization, and not for you. Here you will not need a power of attorney, but a request written on the letterhead of the organization and always with a living seal and signed by the person managing the organization. Otherwise, the transfer of information such as the details of calls from a company consultant would violate Russian legislation on the privacy of personal information. Before contacting the MTS sales salon, be sure to prepare all the necessary documents so that you do not have to return with anything.

Step 5

You can order the details of calls for the period you are interested in by yourself, using the services via the Internet, which are provided by the Internet assistant. To do this, you need to enter the site:

Step 6

Then go to your personal account, indicating your mobile phone number and password. In the event that you have entered your personal account for the first time, and you still do not have a password, then set it by dialing the short number * 111 * 25 # on your mobile phone. You can go to your MTS personal account and by linking your phone number with the following accounts: e-mail, social networks VKontakte, facebook or classmates.

Step 7

Enter your personal account, you need to select the item "Control of expenses" in the list of services provided by the operator, and then click the active link "Detailing of conversations". In the main horizontal menu of the page, hover the mouse over the "Room Management" section and select the "Detailing" item in the drop-down menu. Go to the required section by clicking on the required item.

Step 8

Indicate the period for which you want to receive information. The longest possible term for a request is six months. You can choose an automatic period: a week, a month, as well as three or six months. Or you can choose the period you need on your own in the specially designated windows.

Step 9

Choose how you would like to receive the requested information. There are two options: to receive details by e-mail, which you indicate in the request, or to receive information directly in your personal account a few minutes after the request is made.

Step 10

It remains only to choose the format in which the information will be provided. These formats can be HTML, XML, XLS, or PDF. It remains only to confirm your request for detailing by clicking the "OK" button.

Step 11

General information for the period you are interested in, you can see for free in the "Cost control" menu. The certificate will indicate the amount you spent on sending messages, outgoing and incoming calls - international and local, periodic services. Here you can also see the balance at the start and end dates of the reporting period.

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